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Electrical Repair in Van Nuys, CA

The electrical system in a house is easy to take for granted. When you flip a switch or turn on an appliance, you expect to have power flow to it without interruption. But wiring and fixtures can fail and sometimes even turn hazardous because of hot wires and sparking. You’ll need to have skilled electrical repair experts to fix these problems as soon as you notice anything wrong.

You can find many electrical contractors to serve you in Van Nuys, CA and the San Fernando Valley area. But you’ve already found the right contractor: Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. We’ve been in business more than 25 years and provide a complete range of electrical service for homes, including fast and effective electric repairs. When you're in need of an electrical repair in Van Nuys, CA, call on our electricians to schedule an appointment!

Reach out to the trusted Van Nuys electricians for all your electrical repairs!

How to Know You Need an Electrical Repair

Some electrical repair jobs are easy to notice, such as a failed outlet. But others are less easy to immediately spot. There are several warning signs to look out for that will tell you it’s time to call for a licensed professional electrician.

  • Repeatedly tripped circuit breakers: An occasional tripped circuit breaker can indicate an appliance putting too much demand on the electrical system. But when circuits are tripping on a regular basis, you may need electrical repairs (possibly extensive rewiring) or repairs made to the electrical panel itself.
  • Dimming lights: If you notice lights around the house occasionally dim when other appliances come on, there may be wiring repair needs.
  • Warm outlets or light switches: When you notice that either outlets or switches are hot to the touch, call for an electrician immediately to prevent the danger of an electrical fire.
  • An acrid burning smell: A burning odor coming from outlets and switches is a reason to call for electric repairs ASAP.
  • Too many dead lightbulbs: Replacing lightbulbs at a furious rate? That shouldn’t be happening—something may be wrong with the electrical system.

You Must Call a Licensed Electrician for Any Electrical Repairs

Please never attempt to tinker with outlets, switches, electrical fixtures, the electrical panel, or any of your home’s writing on your own. Don’t entrust repairs to a "handyman" without an electrical license either! Any electrical repair, from a small fix to an outlet to extensive rewiring must be left to a fully licensed and insured professional electrician. A licensed electrician understands the local electrical codes so they can keep your home safe with precise and correct repairs. They will ensure the job is done right and there are no dangers of electrical fires. The insurance will protect you from liability in case of damage to your home or injury to the electricians during the work. Don’t take chances on this important job.

We’re the Electrical Repair Contractor to Trust in Van Nuys, CA

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has the licensed electricians to see to the electrical repair needs in your home in Van Nuys, CA and the San Fernando Valley area. We’ve served the area since 1990, and we are older home specialists who know how to fix wiring for vintage homes to upgrade them. But no matter the age of your house, you can put your full trust in our electricians, and they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—never hesitate to call us!

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