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Licensed Electrical Installations in Van Nuys, CA

There are several reasons you may be looking to have an electrical installation for your residence. Perhaps you’re expanding your home, or you want to rewire for new lighting. You may have aging wires that can no longer handle the voltage demands. No matter if you’re searching for electrical installation design or a full rewiring for the house, you’ve come to the right people.

Since 1990, Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has provided quality electrical services to Van Nuys, CA and the San Fernando Valley area. When you work with us, you’ll receive service from a licensed electrician familiar with many types of electrical services. We’ll work with you to provide an estimate and explain each step of the service. This helps us ensure you receive the electrical renovation or other installation work necessary. To get started, call today to schedule an appointment with our Van Nuys, CA electricians!

Schedule an electrical installation with our team! We serve Van Nuys and the San Fernando Valley area.

Are You Looking for New Electrical Wiring?

You may need to have new wiring put in your house for different projects, such as wiring up a home theater system or making changes for a room remodel. Electrical wiring installation is an important part of many home renovation projects. It’s not good enough to have just anyone put in the new wiring, and it’s often dangerous to do so. What you need for the job is a contractor who handles electrical installation design that’s effective and safe. Our electricians will ensure you have tidy, efficient, and hazard–free wiring put in.

And yes, we consider this electrical installation design—it’s not just laying down wires wherever they fit. We create designs to maximize energy savings and minimize repair issues in the future. Some of our most popular electrical installations include:

Specialists in Electrical Renovation

One of the more extensive electrical jobs an older home may need is having the wiring renovated to meet modern demands. The expansion of electrical power use in homes over just the last twenty years has been tremendous, and many residential buildings don’t have wiring to match the new voltage requirements. If your house is in a situation where it needs electrical renovation, we’re the contractor to call. We are older home specialists: we have the skills, tools, and knowledge to provide upgrades to vintage homes. Regardless of the age of your house, you can put your trust in us to have your wiring brought up to code and the best current standards.

Let a Licensed Electrician Take Care of Your Electrical Installations in Van Nuys, CA

Only a licensed professional electrician should ever handle any type of electrical wiring. It doesn’t matter the size of the job—errors with wiring installation can mean shorts and potential electrical fires. When you work with a licensed electrician, you can feel assured that not only will the job be done accurately and fast, but it will be done with safety uppermost in mind.

Our electricians at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical have a long history of delivering the best results for installations, renovations, upgrades, and all other electrical service jobs in Van Nuys, CA and the surrounding San Fernando Valley area. Our electricians hold the Technician Seal of Safety and have factory training to ensure quality and safety on each job.

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