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Circuit Panel Services in Van Nuys, CA

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Your electrical power is the backbone of your home, but it can also be quite dangerous without the proper care. That’s where Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical steps in. Our professionals are the ones who will get you quality service that keeps your safety in mind every time.

  • We’re NATE and EPA-certified.
  • We have a consistently high rating with the BBB.
  • We’re reliable. Most of our team members have worked with us for over 10 years.

Our professionals who perform our electrical work do so joyfully. We always match our informed service with a smile. Make sure that you’re never afraid to ask us any question on your mind.

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What Do Circuit Breakers Do?

Chances are that you are not a professional electrician. However, it is important that you have some understanding of the way in which different components within your electrical system operate. This is especially true of your circuit panel in Van Nuys, CA, as you will interact with this component directly. Basically, the circuit breaker is the point of your electrical system at which the circuit is broken in the event of a power surge (hence the name). The circuit breaker routes electricity to where it is needed in the system, and when too much electricity tries to make its way onto any one circuit for any reason, the circuit breaker breaks that circuit to prevent an overload.

Have Your Circuit Panel Installed in Van Nuys by a Professional

If you think that a circuit panel installation is the type of DIY project you can take on, think again. There is never an appropriate situation in which to attempt the installation or service of your breaker box on your own. Not only will a malfunctioning breaker box put the operation of your electrical system at risk, which can be devastating to your day to day convenience, but it can also lead to a seriously unsafe situation in your house. When we install and service your circuit panel, you can rest assured in knowing that the job is completed properly.

Consider Upgrading Your Old Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel is a serious issue. If you are still using fuses in your home, or if you have an old electrical panel that was not intended for the countless electronics and appliances we use today, contact us right away. You may need an electrical panel upgrade, and we are just the technicians to handle the job.

You Can Trust Us with Installing or Servicing Your Electrical Box

At Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical, we believe that our clients deserve the best, and that is precisely what we strive to give them. This is why we use only high quality products and employ the finest technicians. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your circuit breaker in Van Nuys, CA. Call our number to schedule service with the skilled technicians who put your safety and satisfaction first.

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