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$8,000 for Burbank Homeowners

If you own a home in Burbank you are eligible to receive up to $8,000 to trade in your old gas furnace for an energy efficient Heat Pump that will Heat and Cool your home. These are Federal, State & Local rebates and tax credits. The Heat Pump Rebates in Los Angeles are big, but Burbank has the most money available to Homeowners. Kilowatt has helped our customers get hundreds of thousands of dollars back from the government to upgrade their home comfort system.

Below are the Burbank Rebates that can be combined with other incentives and taxes credits to total $8,000 for you. 

Burbank has some very specific requirements regarding the electrical qualifications. Kilowatt is a licensed electrical contracting company as well a licensed HVAC contractor and is approved for all Burbank rebate work. Our professional office staff will help with paperwork and permits to make sure that you get every penny available.

Burbank Residential Building Electrification Rebate Program 

This local electrification incentive program is a fantastic opportunity for Burbank homeowners. It provides incentives in BWP territory to people whose property has existing gas appliances to upgrade to energy-efficient electric appliances.  

In the air conditioning and heating category, we will help you apply for a Central HVAC Heat Pump or Mini-Split Heat Pump rebate at up to $1,000 per ton. For example, a qualifying BWP customer who replaces a gas furnace with a three-ton Central HVAC Heat Pump and completes the rebate application can receive a $3,000 rebate. Likewise, a customer upgrading to a qualifying five-ton system can receive a $5,000 rebate! 

BWP has many other Residential Building Electrification Rebates. This chart shows what is available: 

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