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My experience with Dean and his team at Kilowatt was incredible. I first called Kilowatt last year for a problem I was having and throughout that process they were great (always went above and beyond). In April 2021 it was time for me to get a new Air Conditioning/Heating system as well as a new electrical panel. Based on my prior experience I called Kilowatt. The entire process went perfect. Dean was great to work with and answered all of my questions before I made my final decision. The communication with Kilowatt through the whole process (Dean, the onsite team and the folks working in the office) went very well. The job started and ended on time with no hidden costs. The entire crew that did the job were incredible. Joe (the first person on site and last to leave), Hector (electrician), and the rest of the team were respectful, knowledgeable and made sure the entire experience was perfect. Another major thing that stood out was the cleanliness during the job and at the end of each day. They made sure that the place looked just as good (or even better) than when they came that day. There was no old material or anything left behind (which is always important to me). I can’t say enough great things about the team at Kilowatt. The system has been working great since the install and I am very happy with all of the equipment that was installed, It is very hard to find good companies to work with; so I’m glad I found Kilowatt. I personally search reviews online to help make the best decision when hiring someone; so I want to make sure I share my experience as well to help anyone else that is looking a company they can trust that does great work.

- Paul H.

Dean and his amazing team left my condo a little while ago and did an excellent job installing a brand new HVAC system (a unit in the condo and on the roof). The old one was from 1998 and on the verge of collapse, so my sister and I took the plunge and went for a new one. It was a reasonable price and we also have their twice-a-year maintenance program. The team laid down canvas to protect our carpet and did a thorough vacuuming when they were finished. It's like they were never here, except for the fact that we have a shiny new HVAC unit! They hooked it up to our existing thermostat and it works like a charm. They kept masks on and safely distanced. We felt very comfortable having them in our place at this time. We highly recommend them for any of the services they provide and are happy to have their team on ours to take care of our home from here on.

- Emily C. - Yelp

Yet again Kilowatt was an excellent company to deal with!! Have used them multiple times before and even in, what's got to be a difficult time both due to Covid and a ridiculous heatwave, they were able to set an appointment relatively quickly, technician arrived as promised, keep me aware with updates and arrival time. Technician was professional, explained the needed and recommended repairs and was super efficient. Repairs were completed quickly and at quoted price!! HIGHLY Recommend them!!!

- Michael L.

Thank goodness for Kilowatt overhauling our HVAC or we wouldn't have survived the last week!! Thanks to the recommendations and skill of the Kilowatt team we now have an updated HVAC system that is successfully cooling down our home. Their team is lovey to work with and was respectful of our concerns about COVID. They answered a million questions for us so that we were assured we were getting a great system. Thanks to their whole team!

- Emily D.

I called Dean Sunday of Labor Day weekend in the evening hours to see if they do emergency services. In August we found ourselves being one of LA DWP customers that had a complete blackout for 13 hours as electricity across Southern California went out from too much overload during the hottest time of August at triple digits. Here comes Labor Day weekend with triple digits once again and I was worried that our power would go out once again. Sure enough our air conditioner seemed to lose what I thought was its cooling abilities as we noticed the house was getting hotter and hotter even though the A/C was running at full capacity. I scrambled to find just one A/C company to come and see us on this holiday weekend to only find just one Dean who texted me immediately and was finding that customers in Woodland Hills with LA DWP were having issues. He texted and said to reset the A/C by going to the breaker and turning it off and then turning it back on and sure enough our air conditioner started working again cooling our house. Not only did we get a quick text within minutes but a solution that cost us nothing. With an 80 year old woman in the house this was a God send. While Dean and his team get 5 Stars even though I wish I could give them 20 DWP gets 0 stars for their inability to keep Southern California cool during these triple digit heats. Thanks, Dean! You saved us a trip to a nearest hotel.

- Eleni H.

Kilowatt really came through for me! They installed my new AC in March. Imagine my dismay when it stopped pumping cool air on the hottest day ever in the valley! I called to leave a message in the hope that someone would call me back the next day. To my surprise, they had an answering service that offered to pass my message on to an on call tech. Within 10 minutes someone sent me a text explaining it was a DWP issue having to do with different voltage for blower and compressor and I had to flip the appropriate circuit breaker. I’m not much of a handy woman, but I was able to figure that out and get the cool air flowing again. Great customer service!

- Recent Customer

Dean, that was a great job today. Your guys seemed to be actively working the entire time, answered my questions, showed what work had been accomplished and they were cordial with the tenants. I appreciate your guidance thru the process, the extra fix of the attic fan, the adjustments to balance air flow, the tutorial for tenants and the time you took to explain things to me. Much appreciated. Well done.

- Recent Review

This thing is amazing.... I never imagined a heater would make me happy. Great installation as well on everything. I especially appreciate how your guys patched up a couple things I had screwed up on my own. Thank you so much!!

- Craig K.

Kilowatt is the ABSOLUTE best in the business!

- Marci F.

Dean at Kilowatt is amazing!! I have used Kilowatt on previous projects and will continue to use them in the future. Amazing staff!! Fantastic service!!
Keep it up guys.

- Arnold R.

Kilowatt is a great company. Honest, courteous and professional. I'm glad to be doing business with them.

- Richard G.

I've had heating done at my home by kilowatt and not only did they get the job done quick and clean, the guys where very nice to my pets. Thanks again for being the best

- Ricardo V.

We have been using Kilowatt for the last 12 years, they are very dependable and do good quality work, and if they have a problem, they work with you to fix it. Good company.

- Jon D.

Kilowatt is awesome! Professional, integrity, and genuinely nice. Would use them again and happily refer them to others.

- Camille

Always Delivers First Rate Service 100%

- Shane V.

I can speak from experience, recommending This Company is easy to do. Your friends will thank you as all my friends have. Honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness goes a long way. Kilowatt has all three plus.

- Ed

Great communication and service from the office to the installers. It starts at the top with the owner Dean. Highly recommended!

- Paul

Kilowatt has such great workers!! They are very polite and professional when it comes down to doing the job done!!

- Susan M.

Mr. Dean Gilford, hands down best business and best staff, deliver on time, respect and amazing service. What else can we ask?

- Vi S.

Kilowatt completely replaced my heating and air conditioning system quickly and with such quality work! At the end of each work day the crew cleaned up everything and they were so nice. I give them the highest recommendation.

- Linda H.

Kilowatt is awesome, super professional!

- Nik M.

They by far are the best!

- Mayor Mike

It's all about costumer service and Kilowatt is the best in Sherman Oaks and not just Sherman Oaks the whole San Fernando Valley!

- Angela S.

Did a great job on our home heating unit.

- Fred W.

He not only takes excellent care of his customer base (which he does), he also takes equally good care of his staff (evidenced by how long they have been with Dean), and Kilowatt is a positive force in this Community.

- Bret with EZ Auto Solutions

Kilowatt did such a good job on my AC! Can't say enough nice things about them.

- Sammi S.

Kilowatt is definitely the best in the AC and Heating business! Love the way they work as a very professional team.

- Trish S.

These are hardworking people!

- Crystal V.

Kilowatt has a great work ethic within their establishment. Polite, Helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to give a helping hand from Joe and the installation crew to Eric and Mario performing our maintenance even the people in the office, they're all very professional... GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

- Jessica C.

Professional and courteous... Always on time...Makes kilowatt electric an easy referral to anyone needing their services.

- David S.

Great work. And super customer service.
Highly recommended.

- William A.

Great honest service. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

- Ray R.

Simply the BEST.

- Keoe D.

Great company, I’ve used them for years.

- Norma R.

THE COMPANY to choose if you have any air-conditioning or Electrical need.
Very professional and caring.

- Souren P.

Truly just the best, can't even begin to express how happy we are with Kilowatt.

- M. Costigan

Kilowatt best company in the business for what they do exceptional work ethic! Experienced and professional team especially Hector Basuto best in the company; Always professional knows what he's doing, polite and caring about your situation, always with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

- Tara

Kilowatt is an excellent company. Everything has always been first class with Dean and Lisa.

- Lance A.

Quality work courteous employees and cleanliness make a great company kilowatt is all of these good job guys.

- Jeff H.

Kilowatt is a great company that cares about the community and their employees.

- Scott H.

The Best Business around. High standards, Best Customer Service!

- Minda V.

Kilowatt is the best!

- Syomara P.

Kilowatt is professional, reliable and thorough.

- Maryann O.

Approximately 6 years ago I needed to convert my home to central air & heat.
I was referred to this company. The best referral I have ever gotten. Dean and his men are professionals, clean working ethics. Even contacting the office for assistance is such a pleasure. I hope they keep the company going since I would hate to have to find someone new. Great company!

- Yvonne S.

I can't say enough about Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical. Dean and his crew are so attentive and conscientious. I believe that Dean truly enjoys his work and cares about his customers, his employees, and his community. He has built a strong and reliable company that he can be proud of. Kilowatt is an asset to the community. Kudos

- T. Gould

Best service you could ever get.. and the most honest and professional advice about your home comfort ..or any electrical issues..100% satisfaction guaranteed.

- Jose L.

Excellent service. Professional staff.

- Bob V. -

Kilowatt continues to exceed my expectations. They send reminders for maintenance and have a good maintenance plan: affordable and easy to schedule. They're here after the install. I like that.

- Louis L. - Customer since 2007

Friendly, professional service team! From installation to maintenance, Kilowatt provides excellent service. They make you feel like family and treat you that way by going above and beyond to make their customers happy :-) They also provide insightful newsletters, now what other company in this business does that?

- Kerri L. - Customer since 2012

Very satisfied... from initial contact for appointment, through inspection of unit... When we determined it needed replacement, repairman had all the information (prices, models, etc…). One call to the office and we were scheduled for installation promptly. When the crew showed up, they were knowledgeable, efficient and very courteous. Work was done and the unit performed without problems. I would highly recommend this company.

- John W. - Customer since 2014

The best, the BEST, the BEST!!!! I can't say enough about this company. I've had SOOOO many plumbers, electricians, air conditioning people in my house in the past three years and these are the only people I will call from now on. They do an EXCELLENT job and Dean, the owner of the company is there almost daily to make sure they are doing an excellent job. They don't skimp on what will make the job the best. I wish I'd found them three years ago!

- Terri W. - February 2015

Kilowatt is ALWAYS prompt, efficient, and effective. They are simply excellent.

- Richard F. - February 2015

My service technician, Erik, was prompt, pleasant, and informative and got me a great quote on additional services that I didn't even know were offered! Excellent service!

- Debbie H. - December 2014

Erik was very helpful in servicing my heating system.

- Mark T. - Los Angeles

Very satisfied... from initial contact for appointment, through inspection of unit... When we determined it needed replacement, repairman had all the information (prices, models, etc). One call to the office and we were scheduled for installation promptly. When the crew showed up, they were knowledgeable, efficient and very courteous. Work was done and the unit performed without problems. I would highly recommend this company.

- John W.

I don't even know where to start this company is SO AMAZING!!! I have to start with Lillian, who scheduled my warranty service date. It's not enough to say she's professional, personable, patient and responsive to questions, she is a perfect representative of Kilowatt. This is a company with a heart. They truly CARE about their customers and Lillian treated me like a member of the family. And no, I'm not related to anyone there. Okay, so Erik comes out for the service yesterday. He was prompt, warm, explained everything he was doing and made me feel completely at ease. But, I expected no less because Erik was part of the Kilowatt crew who came out to replace our dead condenser last year in the middle of a heat wave. The entire crew STAYED UNTIL 9:00pm to make sure everything worked properly with the new condenser and checked our heating furnace as well.
Back to my warranty check up. Everything was fine until Erik noticed a leak in the motor. When he showed me, it was so apparent I wondered why I hadn't noticed it before. If you check your thermometer outside today you'll discover we're in the midst of another heat wave. This is serious business for me as I'm fighting a serious illness and being in a house without air conditioning as temperatures are supposed to climb during the week really rattled me. Erik immediately got on the phone to the manufacturer who told him they only replaced motors when they were truly dead. So Erik called the Kilowatt office and they got on it immediately. I don't know what they said or how they did it, but a new motor is going to be installed tomorrow!!! Lillian called me and personally made sure that I knew Kilowatt was going to take care of me and take care of the motor issue. I was so stressed thinking that the motor might give out completely and what that would mean for me health wise. Well, this was never going to happen with Kilowatt.
The turn around from not being able to get a new motor to getting it and installing it is almost unbelievable. I have to give kudos to Ellie, who helped me last year, to Erik and to Dean the owner of Kilowatt. This is an amazing company and if you need air conditioning or heating service these are the people to call.

- Shekhina M. B.

Dean and his crew were great.  We have an old 1931 home in Glendale and Dean removed old furnance from the 80's and installed new furance, a/c, and removed the asbestos and put all new ducting under the house.  Instal was clean and looks great. Been 4 months or so and a/c works great!

- Travis G. - Glendale, CA

What a pleasure it's been to have Kilowatt work in my home. They are the kind of company you hope to find; small and personal, well run, with a lot of experience. I had split  System heating and air conditioning put into my guesthouse. Kilowatt made it easy. They came to my home for free, explained what was needed, gave me options in writing and once we agreed on the job they did exactly what they said they were going to do. They were organized and neat. I like that they put down dropcloths on my rug. I would use them again. In fact I am going to use them again next week to fix the security light on my garage.  I recommend them.

- Dan K. - Los Angeles, CA

The owner came out to bid the job for a new a/c unit on a Monday. His pricing was competitive and fair. The installation crew was efficient and came out the next day. The new unit was in place and functioning by 3PM that afternoon. Very pleased.

- Larry K. - Los Angeles, CA

We got kilowatt to do our electric plane and a/c system they were really professional workers during the processes of the job we were really really comfortable with the workers because they were really clean so all we have to say is that kilowatt is a really really professional company yes we will hire them again thank you kilowatt thank you Dean.

- Sandra S. - Reseda, CA

What a GREAT GREAT experience!!!!!! Dean (the owner) called me back IMMEDIATELY and had someone come to my house within an hour. He fixed the problem  and I thought their  pricing was more than fair. Prompt, nice, honest,professional and knowledgeable! He's my a/c and heating guy from now on!!!!!!

- Tom B. - Sherman Oaks, CA

We finally needed to replace the old floor/wall gas heaters in our 1920's era home. We got several bids for a new heat/ac system. We were impressed with Dean's knowledge and honesty. He had some great ideas how to make the system work for our home. His bid was reasonable and he spotted some problems the others missed. Guillermo and his crew was the greatest and took many extra steps to make the job better. Always cleaned up at the end of each day. Dean was there every day and always went the extra mile for us. This was a job for real pros and Kilowatt did great. Totally recommended!

- Stephen R. - Los Angeles, CA

Very good company with friendly and competent employees.  They installed a new heater and AC unit and I am pleased with their work ethics and services.  The thing that impressed me the most was their attention to detail.  When one of the workmen installed a new wall thermostat he not only sponge-cleaned the dirty area around it, but also cleaned a dirty, scuffed area 3 feet below it.  It was not his job to do that so I assume he really takes pride in his work and wanted the entire wall to look great.  I was really surprised by this because most people these days only do what they have to and never go that extra mile.  Very happy with the service this company provides!

- Art C. - Los Angeles, CA

I am the office administrator at the UU Church of Studio City and Kilowatt installed our brand new air conditioning system here (yes, we have never had A/C before!).

They did an excellent job. I am impressed with the units, which get large rooms cold in a matter of minutes and completely SILENTLY. Dean and his men worked around our very busy church schedule. We did not have to cancel any events or move any renters to accommodate them. I was skeptical at first that this would be possible but they got the job done in the time they said they would, left no mess, no holes in the walls, and never disturbed a building full of people in meetings.

- Vivian S. - Van Nuys, CA

I can't say enough good things about Kilowatt. They put recessed lighting in my bedroom and remodeled my bathroom. The work they did was impeccable and they communicated really well which makes all the difference when you have different trades overlapping. The tile work was beautiful. My bedroom lights dim. My tub has a jacuzzi. I couldn't be happier.

- Marci F. - Tarzana, CA

My air conditioning unit was not working well during the last week when it was so very hot.  And on a Saturday at the end of the day, the owner, Dean Gilford, took the time to come out and repair my unit himself.  Dean stayed until almost 9:00 PM to finish the repair. This is the dedication and service approach that we would all like to receive from any company that we deal with.  I would recommend Kilowatt Air Conditioning for all your heating air conditioning needs.

- Robert C. - Sherman Oaks, CA

This is a limited review but I felt compelled to write it. I've been having issues with my A/C so I called this Co. for some help. I was given the owner's cell phone number which I called and he answered on two rings. When I asked him about my issue, after hours no less, he didn't schedule a costly estimate visit. Rather he talked me through my issue which he was spot on, and I was able to fix it myself. The point of this review is in an age of opportunists looking for any way to make a quick buck, this guy gave me some HONEST advice that was USEFUL and not designed to take advantage of my situation. I told him I would call him again when I had a more serious issue and I mean that. Anyone who is willing to give good, free advice on the Cell phone after hours must have some know-how and integrity. THAT, is very rare to find these days, particularly in major city like LA-Valley. Thank you Sir, I'm nice and cool with my older unit, for now.

- John L. - Van Nuys, CA

Our heater recently broke, so we searched Yelp for a good heating and air company. After reading the good reviews on Kilowatt, I called them and boy am I glad I did. We had an awful experience with another company (Brody Pennell) a few years ago, so I was hesitant to trust anyone but Kilowatt was GREAT.

Our heater stopped working right in the middle of a cold spell, and with two young children in the house, we needed it fixed quickly. After calling and explaining our problem, the owner of the company, Dean, was at our house within a few hours. He looked at our old heater (which was over 20 years old) and gave us the unfortunate news that it needed to be replaced. I was nervous about the cost to replace it, but his quote was incredibly fair, and even better he said he could do all the work the very next morning. His guys showed up at 9am the next day and were done by the afternoon. We also had them install a new thermostat in the house, and all the work was done perfectly. They were clean, professional, and fast! After having some bad experiences with other companies, we won't call anyone else for heating, air and electric problems.  Thank you Dean and Kilowatt!

- Rupert C. - Los Angeles, CA

Good company.  I had an issue and it turned out to be very simple.  They gave me advice and I fixed it on my own.  They were honest and saved me money.  I'll call them every time I have a problem.

- Richard S. - Sherman Oaks, CA

Kilowatt was wonderful! From my call to the lovely Ellie who helped and scheduled me to Erik the tech who saved the day on a very hot afternoon.  He took care of everything and ran diagnostics to help me be more energy efficient.  What a pleasure.  They came within a few hours of my call, as soon as a tech was available, although I was given an appointment on the following day.  I will definitely use them again and recommend them to my clients.  They were very reasonable in price, and exceedingly professional and friendly.

Call them and feel great about who is coming into your home.

- Karen S. - Van Nuys, CA

Dean was so courteous and professional. I have told all of my friends about him. He came out on this scorching summer day and immediately took care of everything! He is a person you can count on!

- Alex H. - Los Angeles, CA

I don't write a lot of reviews but I believe Kilowatt deserves to be praised. This is a good company with good people. They have been my mother's go-to company for as long as I can remember. They have done pretty much all the work on our family home in Sherman Oaks. They put in the HVAC system when we needed it 20 years ago, replaced the circuit panel 8 or 9 years ago and they put the motion sensitive security lights around the house. But they also change the batteries in my mom's smoke detector once a year and change the light bulbs in her landscape lighting. In fact, anytime my mom needs anything she calls Kilowatt. If they don't provide a particular service, like plumbing, Ellie, the person in the office, gives my mom the number for someone she can trust. I live in New York now and my mom still lives in California. She has had a few health problems and I worry about her. When her heat went off a few weeks ago I called Dean and he went himself to see what the problem was. A clogged furnace filter. I'm not around to do the little things like change filters and my mom forgets. Dean changed the maintenance program that my mom is enrolled in to include a couple of extra visits per year. I have found Kilowatt to be a company who stands behind their work and is there when I need them. I appreciate that.

- Nicole P. - Sherman Oaks

As soon as the cold snap descended on Los Angeles, Murphy's law hit our house as well. It wasn't entirely unexpected, but I was hoping to get another season out of my old furnace. I called Kilowatt based on their great Yelp reviews and was not disappointed. The owner of the company, Dean, came out to my home, assessed the situation and wrote up an estimate right then and there. I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was, he knew the answer to every question I had right off the top of his head. He gave me a lot of options regarding different efficiency levels and prices of furnaces and explained each thoroughly. My husband and I went with the least expensive furnace because we don't know how long we will be living here. It has a 10 year warranty. We chose to put in a top of the line air filtration system because we live by the freeway and we have a new baby (who is six months old and just sat up for the first time by herself today.) ?Anyway Kilowatt did a terrific job on our home. I highly recommend them. My home is toasty warm, the air is clean and I am happy. Oh, I almost forgot, before they did the job, when it was still freezing cold in here, they brought us space heaters. I really appreciated that!


After buying our first house it seemed that every big thing that could fall apart...did.

When we needed to have our air/heating system fixed Kilowatt was just one of the many companies that we had come through to give us a quote. We chose to go with Kilowatt based on their knowledge and affordability, it was by far the best decision we've ever made.

We had just had a tankless water heater installed, and while on the roof the Kilowatt guys noticed something not quite right...thanks to them we got a potential insurance issue fixed (the company that installed water heater did not follow code on electrical work) that we never would have known about without them.

We were so impressed and satisfied with their service, quality, and attitude that we even moved forward and had them install our Solar Panels, which look great and produce more energy than we can use!!

Needless to say, we highly reccomend Kilowatt for all of your Electrical/Heating/Air (and I wish they did plumbing) needs! They're an all around honest and hard working group and we can't wait to use them for all our future home rennovations involving electrical work.

- Ten M. - Studio City, CA

These guys are great!  It's always daunting to do any kind of home renovation/repair...but this was one of my best experiences.  Dean and his staff are amazingly friendly, efficient, and competent.  They did an excellent job installing new ducts, furnace, and AC in my house.  Good prices and they walked me through all the available rebates?.

Can't say enough good things! Definitely the company to use for Heating/AC work!

- Greg C. - Valley Glen, CA

We recently purchased our home and were referred by our agent to Kilowatt to replace the circuit panel.  Dean came out to give us a quote within less than a week after contacting them.  We decided at the same time to move the panel from one part of the house to another.  He got the job scheduled within a few days to align to my tight timeline for moving in.  I don't know if they were the cheapest, but I have to say I am extraordinarily pleased with the quality of their work.  They added an extra access box in the garage (without being asked) to make future access to the panel from the interior easier.  I have no reservations about recommending them in the future as I plan to use them for all my future HVAC and electrical work.

- Gerry G. - Sherman Oaks, CA

Erik was prompt and thorough. He found and fixed a refrigerant line leak, replaced a leaky fan motor and installed a UV light.


Hired Kilowatt to replace my existing 2 HVAC systems. Their proposal was easy to understand. They preformed the work as proposed but actually went above and beyond to fix other problems that were found. They were clean, efficient and the crew was extremely competent. I could not have hired a more professional team to do this work. Dean Gilford, owner was on site each day checking on all of the work. The city of LA signed off on the permit without making and comments or changes needed. I highly and strongly recommend Kilowatt HVAC.

- Robert G.

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Dean Gilford, the president of Kilowatt and his family are raising a guide dog puppy for Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, California.

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Kilowatt is an official drop–off location for A Million Thanks, a year–round campaign to show appreciation for our U.S. Military Men and Women, past and present, for their sacrifices, dedication, and service to our country. Over 5 million letters have been sent so far.