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Los Angeles, CA

Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical Services in Los Angeles, CA

There is no way that you can hope to live with the great comfort and convenience you deserve if you do not schedule your residential HVAC services in Los Angeles, CA with a qualified professional. Take no chances with something as important as your comfort. The HVAC, indoor air quality, and electrical experts at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical are here to ensure that everything is handled properly. Schedule service today!

Are you in need of fast and reliable AC repair service? Call Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical for professional air conditioning services in Los Angeles, including installation, repair, and maintenance for all types of cooling systems.

Expert Air Conditioning Service in Los Angeles, CA

Air conditioners are a part of everyday life here for much of the year. Is yours in the exceptional shape required to provide you with the efficient, reliable cooling performance that you demand? When you let us handle your air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, heat pump, and thermostat services, it will be. Give us a call today to schedule outstanding air conditioning services in Los Angeles, CA.

Air Conditioning Repair and Tune-Up 

One of the most common calls that HVAC professionals get in regards to air conditioning emergencies is that their cooling system isn’t actually cooling. This can be caused by a few different factors. The evaporator coil may be dirty or iced over. You might have a refrigerant leak. No matter the problem, you can trust our team to accurately diagnose and conduct the appropriate air conditioning system repairs to get your system back up and running. Also, be sure to schedule regular tune-ups to reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Even if you do not have ductwork in your home, you can take advantage of all the benefits that whole-house cooling has to offer. Just call a professional AC system technician at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical with any questions you may have. We can help you determine if ductless air conditioning is the right option for your home.

Heating System Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Los Angeles, CA

During the sweltering summer season, your heating system is likely the last thing on your mind. When the heat dies down and temperatures dip to uncomfortable lows, however, you need to know that that AC is there for you. When you schedule your heating services in Los Angeles, CA with us, including heating repair and any gas furnace services you may need, you can bet on great work. Call now to learn more about your heating options.

Ductless Heating Systems

Using a ductless heating system can benefit you in a few different ways. They are very efficient and effective, and can avoid IAQ and efficiency problems that ductwork can lead to. They also allow for simple zone controlled heating. All in all, a ductless heating system can help you live more comfortably more affordably.

Areas We Serve

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric is proud to serve Sherman Oaks, California and other surrounding areas.

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Would you like to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

You won’t tolerate sweltering temperatures in your home during the summer season. Why would you put up with lousy indoor air quality at any point during the year, then? You won’t have to when you work with us. Our indoor air quality specialists have the air filtration systems, UV air purifiers, and insulation products and services you need to boost indoor air quality in Los Angeles, CA. Let us assess your situation and find you the solutions you need.

Dehumidifier Services

Just as lousy as very dry air is very humid air. The good news is that we have a cure for this condition as well. We can install and service a whole-house dehumidifier for you, so that you can remove the excess humidity from the air in your home effectively.

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We Can Help

Learn more about all of the services we offer.

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Are airborne pollutants wreaking havoc on your indoor air quality? Are you concerned about biological pollutants infiltrating your home or your ductwork? Whatever it is that has you worried or frustrated, we will help you find the right air purifier for the job. Contact our local Los Angeles air purifier service team today to learn more.

Looking for an Electrician or Electrical Services in Los Angeles, CA?

Choosing a local Los Angeles electrician is a major decision, as you really cannot afford to take any chances with your electrical services. When you hire one of our fine electricians to handle your electrical wiring, or any other electrical services, you can have complete confidence in the quality of the workmanship you’ll receive. Schedule electrical services in Los Angeles with us today.

The Importance of Professional Electrical Repair Services

Electrical wiring is not a job to trust to any handyman off the street. The same goes for electrical repair. Electrical work is serious business; when it’s not done right you can threaten the safety of your home and your family. If you do notice any indications that you need repairs-such as sparking outlets or switches that suddenly stopped working-be sure to contact the expert electricians on our staff. We have the training and licensing necessary to accurately resolve your electrical repair needs.

When Electrical Rewiring Is Necessary

If there is an issue with your electrical wiring, it’s important to schedule rewiring services. Sometimes wiring issues are beyond repair-when that’s the case, work with the professionals at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical to get the job done right. Our rewiring service comprehensively replaces older electrical wiring for safe, efficient use.

Do You Need Professional Water Heater Services in Los Angeles, CA?    

Water heater installation, water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heater replacement are all services that only a trained technician can handle. Don’t put your water heater in Los Angeles, CA at risk. Schedule service with us so that you know your water heater services are completed properly.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater heats water only as you call for, which is why they are also called "on-demand" water heaters. To ensure that your water heater operates as efficiently and effectively as it possibly can, you must work with a qualified tankless water heater technician. Just call our number.

Contact us today, and remember that you can always count on Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical for your residential HVAC, indoor air quality, electrical and water heater service needs.