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Smoke Detectors & Service in Van Nuys, CA

Big things come in small packages, as they say, and when it comes to your safety in your home, one of your biggest priorities is ensuring that you have a great smoke detector in the appropriate places. Determining how many you need and where they ought to be placed is the kind of important decision that a trained, professional smoke detector technician can help you make. To ensure that your smoke detector is of high quality and that you have them where you really need them, enlist the aid of the professional electricians at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. We are more than happy to ensure that you are able to live and sleep safely, knowing that your smoke detectors in Van Nuys, CA watch over you. Contact our team to schedule smoke detector service in Van Nuys, CA and the surrounding area.

The Van Nuys, CA electrical experts at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offer quality smoke detector services throughout the San Fernando Valley area.

How Does a Smoke Detector Work?

There are a few different ways in which a smoke detector can register the presence of smoke in your home. Photoelectric models will sound the alarm when smoke enters the device and causes a refraction of light. Ionization models, on the other hand, emit a very small amount of radiation, and the alarm goes off when smoke interrupts the alpha particles therein. Regardless of the model that you use, it is important that they are installed by a trained, experienced professional, preferably hard wired into your electrical system and armed with a battery backup, helping to make the device as fool safe as possible.

We Provide Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement in Van Nuys, CA

If you want your smoke detector to operate as effectively and dependably as possible, which we assume to be the case, you need to have a qualified professional handle your smoke detector installation. There are a few different reasons for this. First of all, location is key when installing a smoke detector. An electrician will choose the most appropriate locations for your devices, and can complete the installation of them with great skill and care. Secondly, there may be codes and regulations regarding the number of smoke detectors in your home, what power sources are used, and more. Make sure that your smoke detectors, and your electrical system as a whole, satisfy these requirements.

If your smoke detector should fail in any way, or if it is just an old, outdated model, contact us right away. One of team members will help you to choose the right replacement smoke detector for your needs. A properly functioning smoke detector can mean the difference between a safe and unsafe home. We cannot stress enough how important it is that your smoke detector is current and reliable. When it comes to servicing smoke detectors in Van Nuys, CA, the electricians at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical are always a safe bet. As much as we prioritize your comfort and convenience with our services, the most important thing is your safety.


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