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Battery Storage and EV Charging

Battery Storage and EV Charging in Van Nuys, CA

We stay current with the rapidly developing technologies for home electrical systems because we want to offer our customers cutting edge options for their homes—as well as for their vehicles! We can install and repair an electric car charging station and battery storage power station for your house to help you make the leap into the next generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly residential power.

Our electricians at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical are certified and factory-trained. They’re also friendly and accessible and can answer any questions you have about home backup batteries and EV charging stations: they know this technology is new to many people, and they’re glad to help you understand the important investment you’re making in your home in Van Nuys, CA or elsewhere in our service area.

Call for electrical service today in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.


Battery Storage

A home backup battery is an alternative to gas or propane-powered backup generators. The battery is also an important part of putting in a solar energy system, since the battery stores excess energy from the panels so the house can use it during the evenings and cloudy days. A backup battery offers your house the same advantages as a backup generator when it comes to providing electricity during a blackout. But home batteries do not require the same level of maintenance or the need to be refueled. They are more eco-friendly—no emissions—and can save a home energy over its service life, especially if connected to a solar power system, although it costs more upfront to install and purchase.  

Wall Battery

Installing one of these backup batteries isn’t a DIY job. You can’t just attach the battery to the wall and plug it in. You first need to know the size of the battery necessary to provide power to your house (and then charge your vehicle, if you plan to use it for that as well). How powerful a battery you choose will depend on how you’ll use it: you may want something just to keep the lights on if the power goes out, or you may want more extensive electrical coverage. Our professionals will match your house’s electrical load with the battery storage power station that can meet it. We’ll see it is wired and installed to work effectively and safely.

When you have a home battery that isn’t working  right, or not working at all, you can also trust our electricians to have it fixed (or replaced if necessary.)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you are planning on making the investment in an electric vehicle, you will need an EV charging station that’s convenient and can supply the power necessary to keep your car or other vehicles ready to go. Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical can install an electric vehicle charging station for your home that also serves as its backup battery. You can also choose to have a standalone charging station, or multiple charging stations, installed. Our electricians are skilled at repairs for EV charging stations and we offer emergency support in Van Nuys, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando valley.


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