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Signs You Need a New Water Heater


When you consider how much work a water heater does each year (it consumes more energy than the AC and heater combined), it’s remarkable that it can last as long as it does. The average service life for most gas water heaters is around 15 years, and if your water heater reaches this age, you’ve gotten a good return on your investment in it.

But it’s important to recognize the signs your water heater is coming to the end of its service life. You don’t want to get caught by surprise one morning with cold water in the shower and a water heater that’s beyond repair. We want to help you know when you need a new water heater installation in Lake Balboa, CA. Below are the major signs of a water heater that’s ready for a replacement.


We already mentioned this, but it’s important to repeat: most water heaters will max out around 15 years. This is the point where you should already start considering getting a new water heater, even if the current one still is outwardly working well. If you notice any of the other signs we’ve listed for a water heater that’s in the upper part of its age range, call us to arrange for a replacement ASAP.


This is one of the big warning signs of a water heater that’s finished. Water heaters are designed to resist corrosion for many years (provided they have regular maintenance), but age will finally allow corrosion to take hold. Some corroded parts, like the heat exchanger, can be replaced. But if corrosion appears on the tank anywhere, it usually means the whole unit has to go.

Rusty discoloration in the hot water

Discoloration in the water from your hot water taps can indicate excess sediment or limescale inside the tank, both problems that repairs can often solve. But a rusty discoloration coming from these taps (and make sure it’s only coming from the hot water taps) means the inside of the tank has probably rusted through. Call to have the water heater replaced right away.

Drop in hot water volume

Are people in your household rushing to make it to the showers in the early morning because the hot water has started to run out early? If this has never been an issue before, you’re probably looking at a water heater that is losing its capability to generate enough heat. For a younger water heater, there may be a repair that can fix this. For an older water heater, it likely means the unit is on an inevitable decline.

Continual leaks

Your water heater should only leak water from its pressure relief valve. If you see water pooling around the base of the unit or dripping down the tank, it’s a reason to call for immediate repairs. When leaking starts to become the norm for a water heater, it’s time to get a new one. 

When you have doubts about your water heater, call our technicians and let us help you figure out the best next steps to take.

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