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Vent Grills Matter for Your Home Comfort!

IMG_1282If you have a home that uses a ventilation system to distribute cooled and heated air through the rooms, then you’re familiar with air vents and the grills that cover them. You probably think that there isn’t much else you really need to know about grills. How much of an effect can something like a grill have on home comfort?

Actually, a grill can have a large effect. Sometimes those inexplicable hot or cold spots you find in your home are the fault of an inferior stamped grill.

But a grill is a grill, right?

Not really. There are different types of vent grills. Technically, a grill has no moving mechanical parts to open or close it. These are standard for return vents, since there’s no reason you would ever want to block off passage of air back into the AC or heater. The grills found on the supply vents often contain dampers that allow them to control the direction that air flow enters a room, and these are known as registers.

But sometimes the grill found on a supply vent is a stamped grill. These grills have no dampers or louvers that allow manipulation of the air flow’s direction. These are the types of grills that often lead to poor distribution of comfort around a room. Think of this comparison: if you sit under a heat lamp in a cold restaurant, the heat directed onto your head will make your hair feel like it’s sizzling—but the rest of your body will still feel cold. This is what often occurs with a stamped grill: the air doesn’t spread around the room evenly, leaving hot and cold spots.

This is an easy problem for our technicians to repair! The next time you have maintenance (and now is the time of the year to schedule it) we can look into your vent and grill issues and will probably be able to fix the trouble on the spot.

Call our certified service technicians at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical any time of the day or night for exceptional customer service! We serve Studio City, CA and the surrounding areas.

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