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How Do Ductless Systems Help Save Money?

We often recommend ductless air conditioning and heating systems to our customers, especially customers who either have older homes that lack the space for duct work or who are designing/building a new home and want more flexible comfort options.

But ductless cooling and heating systems (i.e. ductless mini split heat pumps) come with many other advantages along with their usefulness for older homes and new home construction. One of these advantages is that ductless mini splits can help a home save money over the year for both heating and cooling.

But why do ductless systems have this higher energy efficiency? There are a number of reasons.

I. Smaller motors

The standard split system air conditioner or heat pump uses a single larger blower motor housed in the indoor air handler. This is one of the most powerful parts of the system; only the compressor draws on more power. With a ductless system, there are fewer and much smaller motors used for the mini air handlers placed around the home, and they consume less power than the one larger motor for a split system.

II. No air loss or gain through ducts

As air travels through the ductwork of a standard ventilation system, it will either gain or lose some heat to the air around the ducts. Cooled air will gain heat, while heated air will lose it. To make up for this temperature change, the system must put in additional work. Simply by removing ducts from the equation, a ductless mini split doesn’t suffer from this heat loss/heat gain and enjoys higher energy efficiency.

III. No duct leaks

Ductwork often degrades over time and eventually starts to leak. This is a common problem in homes, often the fault of poor initial duct installation. Test have shown that up to 30% of the conditioned air moving through the ductwork can be lost to these leaks—and that means much more work for the heater and air conditioner. Once again, removing the ducts from the process eliminates this problem and improves energy efficiency.

IV. Zone control

A zone control system allows an HVAC system to send conditioned air only to rooms that need it. Most standard ducted systems send air to all the vents connected to the ductwork, no matter if the room is occupied or not. A ductless mini split system, however, permits zone control because each of the individual air handlers can operate independent of the others. A person in the room can control the air handler using a remote control and not change any of the other air handlers. If you only have to heat or cool the rooms that require comfort control, you’ll end up saving a lot of money during the year.

As we pointed out above, ductless mini splits are not the idea choice for all homes. However, if you’ve been considering having ductless heating and cooling installed for your new air conditioning in Studio City, CA, we recommend looking into the many ways you can benefit from one. Our technicians are glad to answer any questions you might have. We’ll see that you end up with the best new HVAC system possible.

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