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What Does the Furnace Limit Switch Do?

Monday, December 26th, 2022

A gas furnace contains many important components: the gas line, gas burners, control board, blower fan, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, inducer fan, flue, electronic ignition system, flame sensor, etc. They all work together to provide a home with warmth, convenience, and safety.

Today we’re going to look at one of the key components that allows a furnace to synchronize its parts and deliver even and energy-efficient heating to the house. It’s also a part that helps the furnace to run safely with little risk of it overheating. This part is called the furnace limit switch.

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How a 15+ Year-Old AC Can Have Trouble This Summer

Monday, June 13th, 2022

How old is your air conditioning system? You can find out without much difficulty. Look at the information plate located on the back of the condenser cabinet and you’ll see a “manufacture date.” If you don’t, write down the model and serial number, then go to the manufacturer’s website where you can input the information to learn the unit’s age.

If your air conditioning system is more than 15 years old, we have some important news for you: it’s time to have a new AC installation in Valley Village, CA. Although a central air conditioner can work for 15 years, most don’t last far beyond this and experience many problems that damage efficiency, create cooling troubles, rack up repair bills, and leave their owners stuck with a non-working system on the hottest days of the year.

To help you understand why we recommend scheduling a new air conditioning installation before the worst of the summer heat arrives, here are a few ways a 15+ year-old AC can give you problems.

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Let’s Find Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Everybody likes finding ways to save money. But during the hot summers in Southern California, plenty of homeowners imagine that there’s really no good way to save money when it comes to air conditioning. Aside from simply feeling miserable by keeping the AC turned off for long stretches, it doesn’t seem there are many alternatives for staying cool.

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Is Your Air Conditioner Inefficient? This Might Be the Reason…

Monday, April 25th, 2016

air-conditioner-diagnosisAs temperatures continue to rise here in sunny Southern California, air conditioning systems are going to be doing more and more work. You can expect your electrical bill to go up during the summer because of the AC, but you should also make sure that your bills don’t rise too much. Compare what you’re paying now to what you were paying at this time last year. Is the difference surprising? If it is, than it’s probably because the air conditioner is losing energy efficiency. Below are some of the possible reasons for this decline:

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What Makes High-Efficiency Furnace So… High Efficiency?

Monday, December 21st, 2015

IMG_8221Two weeks ago we posted about replacing old floor furnaces with safer and more energy-efficient units. In general, older natural gas furnaces—regardless of type—are wasteful of energy compared to newer ones. The AFUE ratings of furnaces from more than a decade ago range between 60% to 80%, which means they waste between 20% to 40% of their energy when generating heat. New, high-efficiency furnaces, however, can achieve remarkably high AFUE ratings. Some ENERGY STAR-certified furnaces have AFUE ratings of 97%, which means they waste only 3% of the energy they use. The rest go straight to generating heat.

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Poppy Passes Therapy Dog’s International Competency Test!

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Poppy Update:

After all her training with Guide Dogs of America it was easy for Poppy to pass the Therapy Dog’s International Competency Test. Sha Newman, Poppy’s very own teacher, tested her and signed off on her skills. Poppy is now a licensed Therapy Dog sponsored by Kilowatt.

You know, studies show that petting a dog causes people’s blood pressure to lower, increases endorphin and oxygen levels, and reduces anxiety.

For her first job, Poppy was invited by the Calabasas High School Peer support organization to come out and help the students de-stress before their final exams. She is so used to bells and crowds because our children took her to school with them when she was a puppy-in-training for GDA.

Next stop, Valley Village adult activity center In Van Nuys. What a wonderful bunch of people! Several were in wheelchairs and it was hard for them to reach down and pet Poppy.  We figured out that she could climb on a chair and, in one case, up onto the table to give love.

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