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Prepare for El Niño with a Furnace Tune-Up!

IMG_9113El Niño: That period when above-average rainfall strikes Southern California and everyone learns how to make the “ñ” symbol using their keyboard. Meteorologists have predicted that this winter Southern California may experience an enormous El Niño—one large enough to have earned it the nickname of the “Godzilla El Niño,” conjuring up an image of a behemoth lumbering from the ocean to inflict devastation on shore.

Hyperactive images of fictional Japanese monsters aside, you should have some concerns about El Niño this year because Southern California rarely deals with low temperatures during the winter. During El Niño, you’ll face more stress on your home’s furnace than normal… and that makes it vital that you have a furnace tune-up before the rains arrive.

Furnace Tune-Up for Emergency Preparation

Furnace maintenance is something you should schedule every fall, not just during years when weather forecasts predict heavy rainfall and lower temperatures. A tune-up is a basic way to ensure the longest system life for a furnace and see that bills don’t start to rise out of control.

But with the possibility of Godzilla El Niño making landfall this winter, you’ll specifically need a furnace tune-up as a way to prevent an emergency breakdown. During a maintenance visit, a technician will survey your furnace and find places where it is at risk of a malfunction. Approximately 85% of all furnace repair issues can be avoided in this fashion. Believe us, you don’t want to be scrambling to arrange a furnace repair during the middle of a heavy rainstorm! Even the best HVAC contractor will have a packed schedule trying to reach all the homes that have heating emergencies. Thanks to a furnace tune-up, you can avoid most urgent repair troubles.

(Here’s something else to keep in mind: When you sign up for our maintenance program, you’ll receive priority scheduling. So even if you do have a repair emergency, you’ll be moved to the top of the service queue.)

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers furnace maintenance services in Studio City, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.


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