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Join Our Maintenance Club and Prepare for the Change of Seasons!

We’re now moving into the fall. That may not sound like it’s a major event in Southern California because of our mild winters. However, we recommend that you never ignore regular bi-annual maintenance appointments for your HVAC system, and the fall is one of the best times to arrange for the second annual appointment. When you sign up for our Maintenance Club, you’ll receive the regular service your heating and cooling system need each year to run at their best.iStock_000007963165Small

Maintenance Pays for Itself

Many homeowners worry that they can’t afford to have routine maintenance. However, maintenance pays back its cost in many ways and will soon pay for itself. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, an air conditioner and heater that have professional maintenance done annually will save $33 in utility costs each month. Membership in our maintenance club costs much less than that!

How does maintenance pay for itself? Here are some of the ways:

  • The heater and air conditioner will enjoy longer service lives. You won’t have to replace either years before their time.
  • You’ll need to schedule fewer repair jobs. Around 85% of HVAC repair needs are avoidable thanks to regular professional maintenance.
  • The HVAC system will operate at higher energy efficiency. You can expect the heater and AC to retain 95% of their efficiency rating during most of their service lives.

There is also a special intangible benefit: peace of mind! With regular maintenance for your AC and heater, you’ll have less worry about either breaking down when you need it the most.

Membership in our Maintenance Club offers extra benefits as well. Look over the details and then give us a call to sign up today.

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