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When Should I Schedule Duct Testing for My Home?

Duct testing is a process where professionals check on the integrity of the ductwork that makes up a home’s ventilation system. Ductwork can suffer from holes, gaps at connection points, and other air leaks that will cause them to lose the conditioned air moving through them. These leaks, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, can account for up to a 30% loss of heated and cooled air from the HVAC system. That’s a great deal of air that you pay to heat or cool from which you won’t receive any benefit. Duct testing will discover if your ducts are leaking and what work needs to be done to fix them.

Here are some of the times when you should call for professional duct testing:

You’ve never had duct testing before

If you’ve lived in one house for a few years and have never scheduled duct testing previously, it’s a wise idea to have it done. Ducts suffer wear and tear over time, and it’s very common for them to start leaking without giving many outward signs. You may not realize that you’re paying more than you should for your heating and air conditioning. Duct testing is simply a good precaution.

You’ve moved into an older home

If you have recently moved into an older home, checking the ductwork should be one of the steps you take to see that everything is in good condition.

You notice a decline in comfort combined with a rise in energy bills

When air starts to escape from duct leaks, it will mean a drop in air pressure and loss of comfort in the rooms. If you detect certain rooms are at uncomfortable temperatures compared to the rest of the house, it may indicate duct leaks. Check on your energy bills: have they risen without explanation recently? Then it’s time to call for duct testing professionals and discover if duct damage is to blame.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers duct testing services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

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