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Some Reasons That Air Ducts Develop Leaks

IMG_7555_2Professional duct sealing is a job that most residential air ducts will require at some point. Even the best installation job of excellently designed ductwork is not fully immune to the troubles that can create air leaks. Even small holes in the ducts will lead to energy waste and a decline in comfort. If you’ve never had duct testing done for your ventilation system before, we strongly suggest you arrange for this service with our experienced technicians. This will allow them to find out if your ducts are suffering from leaks and need sealing work.

“How do these leaks start?” That’s a question we often hear from customers. There are numerous reasons, but here are a few of the more common ones:

  • Earthquakes – Quakes are a familiar concern for anyone who has lived in Southern California long enough. Obviously, a large quake can damage parts of your home, the ductwork included. But it only takes a few minor temblors to create small breaks between the joints in a ventilation system, and that’s enough to create problems.
  • Animal damage – Small animals (mostly rodents) sometimes nest inside the vent systems of homes, and both their scratchings and droppings can result in air leaks. Even a house cat climbing around in closed off areas could damage vents—it does happen!
  • Poor initial installation – This is probably the most common reason for ducts developing air leaks. Ducts that were initially installed without much thought will wear down quicker than they would otherwise, leading to gaps developing between the joints of the ductwork.
  • Damage from construction – During a remodeling project in a home, it’s a distinct possibility that the ducts could sustain damage. You should always schedule duct testing soon after any major construction is done for your house.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers professional duct sealing services in Burbank, CA and the surrounding areas.

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