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Do I Need HVAC Professionals for Balancing My Home’s Humidity?

portable-humidifierLos Angeles and most of Southern California don’t suffer from the same type of high humidity issues that you’ll find in other hot parts of the country, like Florida. But humidity can still be an issue in our homes, and it isn’t always the fault of the weather. Our homes produce a large amount of moisture that can make them stuffy and unpleasant. Air conditioning systems do have some dehumidifying abilities, but they aren’t designed specifically to handle this job (unless they have a dehumidifier integrated into them) and may even make the air too dry.

So how to balance the humidity in your house? Can you handle doing the job on your own? Well, maybe if humidity is only a minor issue and you’re okay throwing open the windows on hot days. Otherwise, we recommend you call on a professional HVAC company in Los Angeles, CA to find the best way to keep the humidity under control.

The Whole-House Dehumidifier

The most effective method to lower high humidity in a house is to have indoor air quality experts put a whole-house dehumidifier into the HVAC system. Yes, you can purchase portable dehumidifiers. They are more expensive than portable humidifiers and they can only affect a single room at a time. That’s just not an effective method of balancing humidity. Plus, portable dehumidifiers can be major fire hazards, so we don’t recommend them.

A whole-house dehumidifier is integrated into the ventilation system so it works in synergy with both your AC and heater. The dehumidifier operates similar to an air conditioner: it draws moisture out of the air using the circulation of refrigerant. This also pulls heat out of the air, like an AC, but to avoid causing an imbalance in the home’s heating or cooling, the dehumidifier reheats the air it has dehumidified.

You can also finely control dehumidification levels through a humidistat—and this can be made into part of the thermostat for centralization. You’ll have better control over humidity balance, which is something you don’t have with a portable unit.

Duct Repair

One reason for unbalanced humidity in a house is damage to the ductwork. Allowing outside air to slip into leaks along the ventilation system can make a house either too humid or too dry. Our technicians can look over the ductwork and find out if this is a reason you have humidity problems. We’ll then seal the ducts to make them airtight again. This does much more than improve indoor humidity levels: it saves you money and protects the HVAC system.

There are other potential troubles with your ventilation system that can cause the home to become stuffy and uncomfortable. We want to see that you have the maximum comfort for your house and not have to pay more to run the AC to counteract the problem. We stand behind all our work 100% and you can be confident in the skill and honesty of all of our employees.

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