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Is Fiber Glass Insulation Safe for My Ductwork?

Fiber glass insulation has been used as thermal insulation inside ventilation systems for homes (as well as other buildings) since the widespread use of forced-air heating and cooling systems after World War II. This insulation is important for preventing heat loss during warm weather and heat infiltration during cold weather. Without proper ductwork insulation, a home’s HVAC system would be highly energy inefficient—and probably much less effective at providing comfort.

However, homeowners today are sometimes concerned about the fiber glass insulation in their ventilation systems. Is it safe? Or will it contribute to a drop in indoor air quality because fiber glass particles can cause respiratory issue and skin irritation, and provides an easy place for dangerous molds to grow?Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.08.03 AM

We’d like to ease your mind regarding this: the dangers to your indoor air quality from fiber glass insulation are exaggerated. In fact, there’s almost no danger at all. You are much more likely to encounter indoor air quality problems due to leaks in the ducts and the insulation than from the insulation itself.

You don’t need to take our word for this: Duke University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas conducted studies to see if fiber glass poses a danger to indoor air quality. Duke found that mold is no more likely to grow in fiber glass insulation than anywhere else—only water damage creates a rises in mold development (and you should always have wet fiber glass replaced anyway). The University of Nevada study concludes that the fiber content in indoor air due to fiber glass in not significant and will not create a negative impact on the health of people in a building.

Fiber glass remains one the best ways to protect your indoor air quality, so have no fear in arranging to have fiber glass insulated ducts installed or new fiber glass insulation put in.

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