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How Does Insulation Help Heating?

Having good insulation in your home is critical to your comfort and the overall energy efficiency of your home. This is why having good insulation is a year-round concern. If you’ve been concerned about the level of insulation in your home, and how it is affecting your heating, Kilowatt offers the insulation services in Los Angeles you need to help your home become more energy efficient. Call us today!

What Does Insulation Do?

Insulation slows the transfer of heat. Heat moves in three ways:

  • Conduction – the way heat moves through materials
  • Convection – the way heat moves through liquids and gases
  • Radiation – heat moves in a straight line and heats anything in its direct path

Looking from a seasonal perspective, during the summer, insulation slows heat from transferring into the cool areas of your living spaces. In winter, it slows heat from transferring to areas like your attic, basement and the outdoors. It also helps to retain your cool air during the summer and your warm air during the winter. Insulation provides the barrier you need to stay comfortable all year long.

How Does Insulation Help with Heating?

There are a few ways in which insulation helps with your heating:

  • Energy efficiency – without proper insulation throughout your home, you could lose a great deal of your home’s heat – up to 30% of it. When this occurs, your system needs to work harder to achieve the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. Any time your heating system has to work harder, it uses more energy to do so.
  • Less stress on your system – having the right amount of insulation means that your home retains its heating. This allows your system to work normally, reducing stress levels.

Lastly, having good insulation helps reduce noise levels and improves your indoor comfort.

As we head into another heating season, you may be wondering if you have enough insulation in your home. The best way to assess this is to work with one of the professionals from Kilowatt. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our insulation experts.

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