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Why Is My Furnace Continually Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

We’re both an HVAC and electrical company, which puts us in a special position when it comes to issues that involve a home’s electrical system that powers its heating system. One of these problems is when a home’s furnace comes on and almost immediately trips a circuit breaker. We’re going to take a close look at this trouble and what may lie behind it.

First: Yes, a Gas Furnace Uses Electrical Power

If you have a gas furnace, you may think that it’s impossible for it to trip an electrical circuit breaker. But the truth is that a gas furnace uses electrical components to run. The blower fan requires electricity, and most modern furnace have electronic ignition systems. If a circuit breaker trips when your gas furnace comes on, the gas furnace could definitely be responsible.

Reasons for a Furnace Tripping the Circuit Breaker

In most cases, a furnace will cause an electrical overload that trips a breaker because there is extra strain on the blower. The most likely cause of this increased stress is a clogged air filter. After you reset the tripped circuit breaker, check on the filter to see if it’s clogged with dust and debris. Change the filter and turn the furnace back on. In most situations, this should solve the problem. (And make sure to regularly change the filter throughout the season so this doesn’t happen again.)

The additional strain on the blower might also be due to blocked room vents or leaking in the ductwork. Check on the room vents to make sure none of them have been blocked by moved furniture. Ductwork leaks are more serious problems, and require professional duct sealing to fix them. (Yes, we offer this service.)

Finally, the problem might have nothing to do with the furnace. It might be that the electrical panel is wearing down and needs to be replaced. This is a job that only licensed electricians can handle.

If you have a furnace that is tripping the breaker when it comes on, and it isn’t due to blocked vents or a clogged air filter, contact us. We can solve the many different problems that may be responsible.

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