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When the Thermostat Causes Heating Problems


“He’s a renegade cop who doesn’t play by the rules … but he gets results!” An action movie cliché from decades ago, although it gave us some fun popcorn movies. But you don’t want a renegade thermostat that doesn’t play by the rules in your house … because the results it gets won’t be the ones you want.

Renegade is a tough language to describe a thermostat. But whenever a thermostat malfunctions, reads incorrect temperatures or fails to accurately operate the heating system, it can mean discomfort and wasted energy. It may even lead to heater repair in Studio City, CA. If the thermostat isn’t doing its job, call our experts to fix or replace it.

Below are some common thermostat troubles leading to poor heating.

The Mismatched Thermostat

In a world where people attempt to “do-it-yourself” everything, having the wrong thermostat for the heating system happens too often. Thermostats aren’t all interchangeable. A new thermostat must match the heating system based on the heater’s type, capability, and capacity. If you buy a new thermostat online and install it yourself, the heater and AC won’t operate correctly. The mismatched thermostat may even damage the HVAC system. If you have a DIY-installed thermostat, call technicians to replace it with one that matches the HVAC system.

Ghost Readings

Sounds spooky! But all it means is the thermostat is detecting incorrect temperatures in the house. This can happen for several reasons:

  • The thermostat’s temperature sensor is miscalibrated.
  • The thermostat is in a spot where it’s often exposed to sunlight, cold drafts, or heat from a fireplace or oven.
  • The thermostat is too far from the center of the house.

No matter the source of the ghost readings, it will cause the heating system to turn on and off at incorrect times. You’ll chase the ideal indoor temperature and waste power to get it. Technicians can recalibrate the temperature sensor. In other cases, the thermostat needs to be relocated.

Wiring Trouble

Electrical issues are behind many home heating problems. (This applies to gas furnaces as well.) If the thermostat has loose or broken wire connections, it can cause a range of heating problems. The heater may not turn on or may not turn off. Don’t try to tamper with wire connections in the thermostat yourself. Even a low-voltage thermostat can be hazardous for a non-professional to work on.

Batteries Need Replacing

We’ll end with a simple problem you can take care of yourself. When the heating system isn’t responding to thermostat adjustments, check its batteries. Some thermostats are hard-wired into the electrical system. But many new low-voltage wireless thermostats draw power from lithium batteries. Put in fresh batteries to see if this makes a difference.

An important reminder about home heating problems: it’s hard to diagnose the specific cause of a faulty heater unless you have professional training and tools. If you have doubts about whether a renegade thermostat has made your home comfort screwy, call us for help. We’ll locate the true villain of this story and see that it’s swiftly defeated and reformed.

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