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What Are Two-Stage Furnaces?

IMG_9454As a homeowner, you have a larger selection of furnace types for household heating than ever before. You might even say that the selection is a bit, well, bewildering. That is why it is very important that you have a professional HVAC installer to assist you whenever it’s time to put in a new heater for a home, either as a first installation or as a replacement for an inefficient older unit.

One option available now is a two-stage furnace. We often receive questions about what these are and if they have any particular advantages.

How a two-stage furnace works

A standard furnace (or single-stage furnace) has only one setting for its heating output. Basically, when the burners are on, they are always on “high.” The furnace is either on or it’s off, and the system will switch between the two according to the heating requirements of the home. Although this is more than enough to keep a home warm, it also means a the furnace consumes the same amount of fuel every time it’s on, and this amount of power is rarely necessary.

A two-stage furnace offers modulation of how much energy it consumes. The first stage of the furnace is less powerful, and runs at about 65% of the system’s full capacity. This will provide sufficient heat for most situations in a home in Southern California. When the temperature drops further, the furnace will switch to its second stage, using 100% of its heating capacity—but only as long as it’s necessary. You can expect the furnace to spend most of its running time at the lower, energy-saving capacity.

Along with lowering your heating bills, a two-stage furnace offers the advantage of much quieter operation. It also helps the environment because it creates a lower amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  

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