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What Are the Benefits of Solar Heating?

If there’s one thing we have plenty of in Los Angeles, its sunlight. With a solar heating system, you can make that sunlight do more than give you a tan. Solar heating isn’t new, but with better products, solar heating systems are more popular among homeowners than ever before. There are a couple of ways in which solar heating works, as we’ll explain below, but if you are interested in seeing what a solar heating system in Los Angeles. can do for you, call Kilowatt today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation specialists.

How Does Solar Heating Work?

There are two ways in which solar heating works: the first way is by using photovoltaic (PV) panels and the second is by using a method called solar liquid.

PV Panels

PV panels are the most common way solar energy is used. The panels are typically mounted on your roof, and the cells that make up the panel collect the sun’s radiant energy and convert it into electricity. This electricity can be used any way you want: it can add power to your electrical panel or be directed to power certain appliances or systems. As such, you can direct the electricity from the PV panels to power your heating system. Your home’s grid electricity will serve as a back-up should the PV panels fail to generate enough electricity.

Solar Liquid

A solar liquid system uses a heat-absorbing liquid. This liquid is inside durable tubing that heats in a component known as a solar collector. Like PV panels, solar collectors are placed on the roof of your home. The heated liquid is then circulated through the tubing to a storage tank filled with water, where it is pumped through a heat exchanger submerged in the storage tank. The heat from the warmed liquid transfers to the water in the storage tank; the newly-heated water is circulated through your home to provide heating. As with PV panels, a back-up heating system can be installed to ensure you always have heating for your home.

Benefits of Solar Heating

  • Environmental – with solar heating, you can significantly reduce your usage of fossil fuels (if you use them); additionally, solar systems do not emit pollutants during use, making them very environmentally friendly.
  • Financial – you can significantly reduce your energy bills with a solar heating system.
  • Long lifespan on equipment – the average lifespan of solar equipment is 20+ years, as compared to combustion heating systems, which are 15-20 years.

Solar heating systems are complicated to install, so if you are considering a solar heating system, call the people you can trust: Kilowatt.


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