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Top 4 Mistakes You May Make With Your Heater This Season


We’ve had our first brush with colder weather these last few weeks, and you’re probably one of the many homeowners in Southern California who turned their heating system on for the first time in many months during the past few weeks. Although you won’t require the level of heating power through the year as many other parts of the country, you’ll still need to rely on that heating system in the coming winter.

Before the full winter weather arrives, we want to give you some help. We’ve provided heating assistance to Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley homeowners for many years, and we know many of the mistakes people make with their heating systems that make them unnecessarily more expensive to run and may cause them to wear down too early. Below are the top four mistakes most people make with their heaters—so you can make sure you don’t make them.

ONE: Setting the thermostat too high

This is something we see a lot in Southern California because people aren’t used to finding a steady thermostat setting for long stretches. Heaters tend to come on to work for a short period before people get too hot and then just shut them off again. Usually, they crank the thermostat up high, around 75°F or so. This is far too warm for most homes, and it won’t get the house warm any faster. It only commits the heater to stay on longer until people get too hot. We suggest putting your thermostat at 68°F during the day and leaving it there. This is a comfortable temperature for most people with warmer clothing on, and it will significantly reduce the amount of work the heater must do.

TWO: Forgetting to change the filter

The majority of homes have a heater and AC combination in a single HVAC cabinet. Both the heater and AC use the same blower filter, and this filter needs to be changed regularly no matter if the house needs heating or cooling. The filter will become dirty enough after one to three months that it will block airflow into the HVAC system, leading to poorer comfort and higher bills because of the extra strain put on the blower fan. We recommend changing the filter regularly throughout the season.

THREE: Closing air vents in rooms

Contrary to what you might think, shutting the air vents in rooms that don’t need heating will not save money! The heating system still uses the same amount of power. The closed vents will also cause an increase in air pressure in the ventilation system and place more strain on the blower. It will also imbalance heating and cause the heater to run for longer. If you want zone heating and cooling, you’ll need to have a zone control system installed.

FOUR: Forgetting regular maintenance

Never miss an annual appointment for heating maintenance in Los Angeles, CA! This service does more good for your heater than any other, and there is no better way to lower your winter energy costs and keep away unnecessary repairs. Plus, your heater will run safer after maintenance.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Rely on us for all your home heating needs!

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