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Already Time for Heating Maintenance? Yes!

open-gas-furnaceThe weather has cooled down significantly over the last week here in Southern California. We can’t take for granted that it remain stay this way, of course, since heat waves can strike at any time. Nonetheless, the fall has officially arrived, cooler weather (for So. Cal) is here with more is on the way, and that means that it’s time to arrange for your annual heating maintenance.

Is This Really Necessary?

Yes, especially if you use a natural gas furnace. Annual furnace maintenance in Los Angeles, CA is essential for a number of reasons, but the big one to remember is safety. Natural gas furnaces aren’t “dangerous,” exactly. Their manufacturers construct them with safety uppermost in mind, and they continue to have better and better safety precautions in place each year. You shouldn’t have to worry about your furnace’s safety performance—unless it keeps missing maintenance.

During furnace maintenance, a technician makes special checks on gas lines, flame sensors, the burners, and the heat exchanger to locate any place where there is potential for toxic gas leaks or combustion hazards. That way the technician can recommend and schedule the necessary repairs before the furnace has to go to work. In some cases, such as a furnace that’s 15 years old or more, the best approach is to arrange for a new heating installation.

There Are More Reasons for Maintenance

What if you don’t use a gas furnace? Many homes in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley rely on less powerful types of heating systems, such as electric furnaces and heat pumps. But these still need to have regular maintenance for a number of reasons:

  • Energy savings: You may not run your heating system as much as homeowners in colder parts of the country, but you don’t want to pay too much when you do run it. If you neglect your heating system, dust and wear and tear will rapidly lead to it draining too much power to run. Even a thin layer of dust over the motors will cut into energy efficiency, contributing to a 5%–10% decline in the heater’s efficiency rating.
  • Too many repairs: Speaking of a layer of dust over the motors, this will create additional friction that might cause the motor to burn out and need to be replaced. Many different repair problems can crop up because of lack of maintenance. In fact, around 85% of heater repairs are preventable thanks to maintenance service.
  • Longer equipment life: A Southern California heating system can sometimes last for a few more years than it would in a chillier area because it doesn’t handle as much work in winter. Without regular care, however, the heater will fail much earlier and need a replacement. It’s costly to replace a heating system prematurely, so make sure you keep the day of replacement far off with annual heating maintenance.

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