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The Final Fixes of the Season for Your Heater—What You May Need


The weather may still stay cool for a bit during March and possibly into April. But no matter how close the warmer weather is to us, heater repair in Tarzana, CA is something you need to always be vigilant about. If the furnace or other heating system in your home encounters problems, it’s vital that you don’t hesitate or put off the repairs until the fall. Prompt heating repair saves you from a bigger repair, later on, a possible system breakdown when you need it the most or even safety concerns.

What kind of troubles are possible this late in the season? Almost anything, but we’re going to focus on a few in particular.

Replacing the reversing valve in a heat pump

For heat pump users, a busted reversing valve may escape their notice if the system has been working in one mode steadily for a week or so. When it comes time to change modes, nothing happens. When the reversing valve in the heat pump becomes stuck in one position or another, the system cannot change from heating mode to cooling mode or vice versa. Thankfully, this is a basic problem for technicians to fix, and involves replacing the valve.

Cleaning the burners in a gas furnace

The biggest danger at the end of the season for a furnace is the general wear and dust and dirt that accumulates. One common difficulty this causes is a restriction on air reaching the burners to allow them to ignite easily. You may find your furnace having trouble turning on, or you hear a sudden boom noise from it, which is the unburned combustion gas suddenly lighting on fire at once from the delayed reaction. Repairing this requires cleaning the burners, and only professionals should do this. Please don’t tamper with a gas furnace yourself!

Recalibrating the thermostat

This affects not only your current heating but your future air conditioning as well, so it’s a big one to watch for. A thermostat can lose calibration, much the same way a clock might start losing minutes, and it will read the temperature of the house incorrectly. If you don’t seem to be able to keep the temperatures at the setting you want, it may require recalibrating the thermostat. Professionals have special equipment to allow them to do this quickly and easily.

Replacing a burnt-out heating element in an electric furnace

And last, a check-in on the electric furnace, which is common in So Cal. Electric furnaces often need fewer repairs than gas furnaces. One problem they can run into at the end of the season, however, is one of the heating elements burning out. The furnace has multiple heating elements that come on in staggered fashion. If one burns out, the heating ability will drop. Have professionals check on the unit to see if one of the heating elements needs to be replaced if you notice less heat.

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