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Signs Your Thermostat Is Making Your Home Heating Worse


We’ve experienced an extremely wet winter here in Southern California. That’s great news when it comes to alleviating the drought, but it’s not so great when it comes to home comfort. You’ve probably run your heating system much more often than in previous years—and maybe you’ve noticed a few oddities about it.

Heating systems can malfunction in a variety of ways, but often the malfunction comes from outside the heater, such as from a faulty thermostat. The thermostat is essential for a heating system to operate at all, so even minor issues with one can throw off the heating in your home. 

We’re going to look at signs you have a thermostat problem. You’ll still need professional assistance to correct this, and our team is the one to turn to for service for thermostats and home heating in Los Angeles, CA.

The thermostat needs continual adjustments

We’ve often given this advice before, but it needs repeating: maintain steady settings on the thermostat throughout the day, making adjustments only when you leave or during the evening. Your heating system should deliver the comfort you need. But if you find that you have to keep moving the thermostat’s temperature up and down throughout the day because you can’t find the ideal setting, it probably means the thermostat or the heater is malfunctioning.

The heater runs nonstop

The runaway heating system is a common problem, and there are several possible causes behind it. The thermostat is often the culprit: it has a specific wire connection to the blower fan and heating system to turn them off at the end of a heating cycle. If the thermostat loses this connection to the HVAC system, the heater will keep running and running until its power is shut off. 

The heater is turning off too early or too late

If you find that your heater turns off before it can provide even heating to the home, or it runs for too long and makes the house stuffy, one likely source is a miscalibrated thermostat. This is when the thermostat reads incorrect temperatures several degrees off from the actual temperature of the house. A miscalibration either way will make it hard to keep your house comfortable. Fortunately, it’s easy for our technicians to recalibrate a thermostat.

You’re paying more to heat your home

You’re probably paying more for heating this winter because of the colder temperatures. But if the change in heating bills is suspiciously high, it’s a major warning of something being wrong. The thermostat can cause this in several ways, such as forcing the heater to run for longer. Technicians will look closely at the thermostat when they come to determine why you’re running into steeper bills.

The heater won’t respond

This is the extreme case: your heating system won’t turn on at all, no matter how you adjust the thermostat. The heater may have failed, but it’s also a possibility that the thermostat has lost its connection to the HVAC system. If the thermostat screen has gone blank, replace its batteries (if it runs off them). If this doesn’t work, call our team to look into the matter and have it fixed.

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