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Replace an OId Floor Furnace with a Safer, High Efficiency Model

Old Floor FurnaceRecently, we replaced an aging floor furnace for a customer and installed an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system for the house. The floor furnace was not only old, it was in danger of becoming a safety hazard. This is a good reminder for people out there that extremely old furnaces can turn into dangerous systems. It’s much better to replace the system than to try to keep repairing it. Not only are there more effective, energy saving systems out there, but they’re also much safer for you and your family.

The problems from an old floor furnace

A floor furnace is a type of natural gas furnace that sends heated air through vents that are located at floor level. Placing the vents at this height helps spread heat more evenly, since heat rises. However, floor furnaces can turn into serious problems with age, and it may be time for you to have your old one retired.

An issue that floor furnaces sometimes have is that they are located away from the standard vents in the home, such a chimneys, making it much more likely for unhealthy exhaust gases to become caught in the home. It’s vital to have the system inspected regularly and to add extra vents if necessary.

Floor furnaces also tend to get dirtier much faster than other types of furnaces because they’re located in areas where they will collect contaminants on the floor that are swept down into the floor vents. Dust collecting inside the furnace could turn into a combustion hazard. And because the furnace is so close to the ground, it poses a hazard to children and can cause nearby flammable materials to ignite.

If you have an old floor furnace, we strongly suggest you call our technicians, and they can look into replacing the furnace with a new AC/heating system.

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