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You Need Heating Maintenance This Year More Than Ever


We aren’t looking at a colder winter than normal here in Southern California. We can expect a few chilly nights that drop down into the 50s, as well as rain—and rain is something we’ll welcome! But we want to emphasize with our customers how important it is to schedule heating maintenance this year, especially if it’s something you tend to let slide off your calendar of “to-dos.”

You want to avoid heating repair in Los Angeles, CA if at all possible this season. It’s going to be a difficult and stressful winter, and the last thing you want dropped onto your list of issues is a failed heating system. Getting ahead of the problem with professional heating maintenance is a way to make for an easier season in general. Just give us a short bit of your time to inspect, tune-up, clean, and adjust your heater and it will reward you this season.

Maintenance Is the Best Repair-Avoidance Tool Available

We’ve often written about the benefits of professional heating maintenance. The one we want to focus on at the moment, because it’s the one that’s most immediately advantageous this winter, is how maintenance eliminates the majority of repairs. 

How often does a heating system need to be repaired over its service life? That depends on the type of heater as well as how often it’s used. In Southern California, where a heater receives less stress, repairs can be whittled down to almost nothing until the end of the heater’s service life. It’s common for HVAC technicians to say that a heater (or AC) shouldn’t need repairs each year to keep running—that’s too frequent. For our warmer climate, every other year may be too much. And with maintenance, the number of repairs the heater needs can be reduced by more than 50%! There are even studies that have shown as much as 80% of the repairs a heating system might require over its service life can be prevented with annual maintenance. 

Consider what you save when you lower heating repairs by 50–80%:

  • Money. Consider the average cost of a repair, then multiple by 1.75. That’s how much you’ll end up saving because you got rid of those repairs ahead of time.
  • Time. We’re a responsive and fast team when it comes to fixing HVAC problems, but we aren’t magicians and we don’t have time travel! Repairs take time and they cut into your day when you need to spend those hours on other activities.
  • Comfort. Sitting in a cold house waiting for repairs—that’s no fun at all. And you’ll rarely have to do it when you have your heater maintained.

And Then There Are All the Other Benefits

Maintenance is an all-around win for your heating system and for you: the heater performs at superior efficiency, lasts for years longer, keeps its warranty valid, and has a lower chance of a sudden breakdown. Our maintenance program gives you all these benefits, plus other perks. It’s a great deal, and if you haven’t joined yet, this is the fall to have it done.

Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service! We offer HVAC service to Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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