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Moving a Furnace to the Attic: Some Things to Consider

furnace in atticThe usual place you’ll find furnaces in homes across the U.S. is the basement. But in Southern California, basements are extremely rare, so most homes have floor furnaces (a.k.a. closet furnaces) instead. But this isn’t the only place that you can have a furnace to keep your home warm. A furnace can be relocated from the closet into the attic. If you’re thinking of doing this, we recommend you give our technicians a call. They can give you advice about whether this is a good step or not, since the situation is different for every home.

Some Things to Consider About “Attic vs. Floor” Furnace

  • The biggest advantage of having an attic furnace is that it’s a space-saver. There’s usually nothing up in an attic aside from some stored items, so a furnace won’t take up useful space. You’ll also free up a closet. If the closet is next to one of the bathrooms (as it often is) this gives you a nice remodeling opportunity.
  • If you’re looking for a furnace that makes less noise, the attic is a good spot for it.
  • As long as the attic furnace is professionally installed, you can expect a more even heating distribution through your house.
  • It’s easier for technicians to service a closet furnace, although the difference isn’t too significant.
  • A furnace can suffer from a drop in energy efficiency if it’s in an unconditioned space, such as an attic.
  • High-efficiency furnaces aren’t usually recommended for an attic.

Most of the issues that furnace might experience in an attic are due to extremely cold weather in this poorly insulated space. But that’s simply not an issue that we need to worry about in Southern California, where our winters are mild. If you think that an attic is where you want to have your furnace, it’s something that we definitely recommend you consider. Make an appointment with our great team and we’ll help you to make the right choice—and then manage the work necessary.

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