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Maintenance Helps Avoid Expensive Problems

It was the Filter, in the drawing room, with the dust particles!

It was the Filter, in the drawing room, with the dust particles!

Regular maintenance for your heating system and air conditioner are necessary during the year. We recommend air conditioning maintenance in the spring, so right now we’re going to specifically address heating maintenance. After all, it’s the season for doing it! And since Southern California doesn’t exactly experience bracing cold winter (some rain, some cool nights) it’s not too late to arrange for maintenance in early December. Just contact us to get started!

Eliminating expensive repairs thanks to maintenance

There are many reasons to have regular HVAC maintenance: extend equipment life, keep the system running safely, and reduce energy consumption. But the most immediate effect is that it stops malfunctions over the season that can require expensive repairs. For example:

  • Fixing failed air handlers: The air handler is a component that’s essential for any forced-air system. Most HVAC systems use the same air handler for both the AC and the furnace, so this is a part that goes through a great deal of stress around the year. Maintenance will take care of securing the air handler, which can often come loose, and seeing that the motor for the blower fan is properly lubricated.
  • Replacing motors: Motors serve in the air handler for a furnace and in other places in a heat pump. And just like motors in any device, the ones in an HVAC system will start to wear down from friction over time. Maintenance helps stop motors from burning out and needing to be replaced through special attention.
  • Replacing the compressor: This is a repair that a heat pump may need, and it’s probably the most expensive possible repair—so much so that it’s often a better idea to just replace the whole heat pump. But caring for the compressor and reducing the amount of strain placed on it is one of the key jobs that maintenance technicians perform.
  • Replacing the heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is a vital component for a gas furnace, since it’s the place where heat from the combustion gas is transferred to the air. Corrosion can affect the heat exchanger and cause it to crack, which can be dangerous. However, maintenance helps stop corrosion by making sure that exhaust vapor is properly vented.

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