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Important Tips for Furnace Safety

A furnace. You probably use one for comfort during the winters. We can say that because furnaces, either natural gas or electric, are still the most popular type of home heater across the U.S. A furnace is a reliable and powerful way to receive heat, and even in the warm climate of Southern California it can come in handy often during cool days and cold nights. (People are often surprised at how cold it can actually get when the sun goes down!)

Here’s How to Keep Your Furnace Running Safely

Furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous. But they do require a few precautions to reduce the chances of fire or toxic gas leaks. Here are a few safety pointers for your furnace.

  • Annual maintenance: This is the essential step to keep a furnace running with minimal danger. It’s best to arrange for professional maintenance during the fall, before the cooler weather arrives. But it’s never too late to have it done, and there’s no better way to see that the furnace doesn’t have any potential hazards.
  • Keep the cabinet clear: Furnaces are often located in closets or garages, and it’s tempting to store items around them. But it’s safer to keep a foot clear on all sides so that the heat from the cabinet doesn’t ignite anything. And never store fuel, paint finisher, or anything else that’s highly flammable near the furnace.
  • Change the air filter regularly: The air filter will clog after 1–3 months, and this can cause the furnace to overheat. It’s also a threat to the furnace’s energy efficiency.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors: This won’t actually help the furnace run safer . . . but it will keep you and your family safer, and that’s the most important part. Contact our professionals to install effective CO detectors in key places in your home so that you’ll always have ample warning of gas leaks so you can evacuate the house.

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