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Important Facts to Know About Electric Furnaces


The most common type of home heating system found around the country is the natural gas furnace which is powerful enough to handle the coldest winters. Here in Southern California, pure heating power is less of a concern, and that makes the electric furnace a common substitute for central heating.

If you are considering installing an electric furnace in Granada Hills, CA or elsewhere in the Los Angeles and San Fernando area, there are some important facts we think you should know about them. 

Electric furnaces are one of the most inexpensive heating systems.

When comparing the cost of an electric furnace to the other common heating options—the gas furnace and the heat pump—it’s hardly a competition. The electric furnace is the least expensive choice. When you look at the average price ranges for these heaters, the electric furnace is often a few thousand dollars cheaper. That’s an excellent upfront bargain for quality heating.

Electric furnaces often cost more to run.

The downside to the thousands saved on buying an electric furnace is that they can rack up high electrical bills. Heat pumps use far less electricity and depending on the cost of natural gas in your area, natural gas furnaces are also less costly to run. On the positive side, you won’t need to run your electric furnace frequently thanks to Southern California’s climate, so this downside isn’t as harsh as it would be in colder regions.

Electric furnaces have long service lives.

Again, there’s no comparison between the lifespan of an electric furnace and that of a heat pump or natural gas furnace. You can expect 10–15 years from a heat pump and 15 years from a gas furnace. An electric furnace can last for 20 to 25 years—and it won’t need many repairs either. That smaller initial cost goes a long way. You need the furnace maintained annually to get it to last as long as possible.

Electric furnaces are safer than gas furnaces.

If you don’t generally like the idea of having a large gas combustion engine working in your home, one that’s potentially dangerous, then an electric furnace is a good option. The US is moving toward more all-electric homes as both the safer and more environmentally friendly option, and you may want to get started with an electric furnace.

Electric furnaces can keep up with our winter demands.

An electric furnace doesn’t have the heating capacity of a gas furnace, but it’s definitely enough to keep a home warm during Southern California winters where even the coldest days rarely drop below the 40s.

Electric furnaces run quietly.

There are few heating systems that run as quietly as an electric furnace. You’ll only hear the sound of the blower motor when the furnace is operating—there are few moving parts to make noise.

You can always consult with our professionals when you need assistance making a choice for a home heating system. It’s a big decision and will affect how you live in your house for many years.

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