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Ignoring Furnace Problems in March? We Don’t Recommend It!


We’ve experienced an unusually cold winter this year in Southern California. For some people, it’s been a nice change of pace and a good reason to break out that fashionable winter clothing that doesn’t see much use. But the cold weather means more work for home heating systems like furnaces.

Now that we’re approaching the end of cold weather with the start of spring, furnace repair in Los Angeles, CA becomes more important than ever. With all that extra winter stress, furnaces could face major malfunctions as the season winds down. Unfortunately, the approach of spring is when homeowners are more likely to ignore furnace problems because they assume they can just wait until later in the year to schedule repairs.

Take it from us and our decades of history working on heating systems in SoCal: you never want to delay furnace service, no matter the time of the year. So even as you’re looking through your spring wardrobe and making summer plans, don’t ignore a furnace that’s asking for help.

Safety Is Concern Number One

We’ll list several reasons why you need to attend to furnace problems at the end of winter, but the main reason is to keep your furnace operating safely. Any kind of furnace malfunction could potentially lead to unsafe conditions. We don’t want you to panic, just take seriously any odd behavior from your heating system and have professionals look into it ASAP. You can then relax knowing your furnace is working within safety parameters.

Watch Out for Wasted Money

We aren’t certain how long this cold and rainy weather will last in Los Angeles. You’ll need to run your furnace for at least a bit longer. If you operate a malfunctioning furnace, it’s almost certain to cost you more on utility bills. That’s the nature of most furnace malfunctions. Repairs get your furnace back to its most energy-efficient state and ready to cost less to run when you need it again in the fall.

Having a Reliable Furnace Is Worth It

With March’s proverbially unpredictable weather, you want a furnace you can trust to do its job whenever you need it. A faulty furnace won’t give you that trust. You may turn the furnace on next week and get nothing but lukewarm air from it because you didn’t have that odd sound checked out. 

Shortening the Furnace’s Lifespan

The strain from a malfunction in a furnace will affect many other components, often leading to a chain reaction of malfunctions that cost more to repair. Beyond the higher cost of repairs, this sort of wear and tear on a furnace will shorten its service life. Leaving repair problems unattended can mean needing to replace your furnace several years earlier than you otherwise would.

With our team ready to help you out with your faulty furnace (or any other heating system), there’s no reason to delay.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has all your home heating needs covered. Call our friendly technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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