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How Does Solar Heating Work?

Do you want to experience solar power as an alternative energy source for your home? You can harness the energy of the sun right here in L.A. with a solar heating system. Many people are making the switch to solar energy as an inexpensive, environmentally conscious alternative to their utility companies. However, a lot of homeowners cannot afford to convert their entire home to solar energy at once, or they may simply choose to use solar energy in only one area of the home instead. We’ll take a look at how you can harness the energy of the sun for multiple heating needs in this week’s guide.

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How it Works

For the record, there are many different ways that solar heating can employ solar collectors in order to utilize the sun’s power in heating a structure. In this post, we’re going to look at one of the ways this is accomplished: using a solar-powered water heater to create radiant heat in the home.

Many solar heaters work in conjunction with a solar-powered water heater to circulate hot water through the home and through your pipes. There are a several different ways solar water heating is achieved, all of which are categorized as either active or passive systems. Active water heaters have pumps and controls to circulate water while a passive heating system does not. With a passive system, water preheats in the solar collector and is stored for later use in a storage tank which usually contains a backup heating source as well. Hot water then flows from the tank whenever you turn on a hot water tap.

In order for hot water to heat your home, it requires a terminal point such as a radiator or baseboard or even a piping system underneath the floorboards. Water pumps from either the storage tank or the solar collector and throughout your home to provide radiant heating. Many homeowners prefer radiant heating to forced air heating because heat distributes evenly throughout the home for increased comfort.

Installing a solar heating system is a great way to utilize the sun’s energy for heating up your water supply and your entire home. Call Kilowatt today to find out if choosing solar heating in Los Angeles is right for you.

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