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Has Our Colder Than Normal Winter Put Too Much Strain on Your Heater?


The weather in Southern California this winter has been more consistently cold than we’re often used to. It’s not so much that we’re experiencing much colder temperatures, but that the colder weather has hung around for longer stretches with fewer warmer periods like we’re used to. We’ve also had plenty of rain, which is good news for dealing with drought and subduing wildfire season.

Although the colder and rainier weather may be good long-term, in the short-term you’ve probably had to run your heating system more frequently than usual. This can bring out some malfunctions you may not have noticed and lead to other malfunctions because of the strain. Let’s take a moment to check in with your home’s heating now that it’s February.

This weather is why you can’t let regular maintenance slide

Each fall, we stress to our customers the importance of scheduling heating maintenance. Because of our mild weather, people often shrug off maintenance for heating systems as “not that important” and instead focus on AC maintenance. But if you’ve missed out on fall heating maintenance, it’s no surprise your heater is struggling now! Maintenance keeps your heater prepared and takes away strain accumulated over the year. If you’ve missed maintenance in the fall, 1) it’s still not too late to have it done, and 2) use this to help remind you to keep up with it every year.

Uneven heating

If you want a strong sign that you have a heating system that either needs repairs or needs to go entirely, look out for cold spots around your house. When a heater begins to lose its capacity (its total thermal output), it will first appear as uneven temperature distribution. So if you have family members who are complaining about their rooms feeling too cold during this steadily chilly winter, it definitely merits taking a closer look at the heating system.

Find out how old your heater is

The age of a home’s heating system often slips minds in Southern California because people aren’t used to thinking much about the heater at all. We recommend you find out your heater’s manufacture date. For most furnaces, the manufacturer date is located on a plate on the cabinet. If it’s not there, you can write down the model information number and use that to look up the manufacture date on the company website; or you can call us for the information. If your heater is more than 15 years old, that’s a good reason to feel concerned about its future and consider replacing it. 

Don’t ignore “small stuff” when it comes to heater problems

The wisdom that “you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff” doesn’t apply when it comes to a home heater. Seemingly minor issues with a heater, such as odd noises, strange smells, shorter cycling times, fussy thermostat settings, and delayed ignition, often warn of much bigger problems or problems that will soon become bigger. When it doubt, call our team to arrange for heating repair in Encino, CA

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