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Do Electric Furnaces Need Regular Maintenance As Well?

stripping-electrical-wiresHeating homes in Southern California is a special type of challenge. With our warm climate that rarely goes lower than the 60s during the day in winter, and down into the 50s during the evenings, the powerful heating systems found in other parts of the country aren’t necessary. This is the reason the electric furnace is one of the more common types of heaters found in homes around here. In a place with deep cold winters, an electric furnace would be too expensive to run compared to a gas furnace. With our weather, electric furnaces don’t need to put in as much work, and the cost to run them can be just about right.

If you use an electric furnace for your winter comfort, you may think it requires little regular attention. But this is incorrect. Any central heating system for a house must have regular maintenance each year. Right now, when the weather still feels like summer, is a good time to schedule your electric furnace maintenance in Los Angeles, CA or the surrounding areas.

Troubles with an electric furnace that isn’t maintained

A major concern people have with gas furnaces is that they may become hazardous, threatening carbon monoxide leaks and dangers of combustion, unless they receive regular inspections. Electric furnaces have fewer safety concerns because they don’t combust any type of fuel that creates emission. But electric furnaces aren’t 100% safe—they have the potential to create electrical fires if not maintained and their components adjusted, cleaned, and periodically replaced.

The majority of failures a furnace can suffer from are electrical in nature, such as corroding wires or failed heating elements. Routine maintenance checks over all electrical parts to find places where tightening and other adjustments are necessary to keep the furnace reliable. Burned-out heating elements are one of the more common electrical furnace malfunctions. The heating elements are the parts inside the furnace responsible for heating up the air sent by the blower. If one or more fails, the amount of heat the system can provide will decline.

Routine electric furnace maintenance is necessary to ensure the furnace isn’t wasting energy. This is important because electricity is a more expensive energy source than natural gas, so a malfunctioning electric furnace that’s draining more electricity than it should will rapidly raise your bills.

No matter the type of furnace, it uses a blower fan and motor to move air into the ventilations system. In most HVAC systems, the furnace and the AC share the same blower, so this part always needs attention after a summer of hard work with the air conditioner before it tackles its winter workload. The motor of the blower fan consumes a great deal of electricity and can wear down to the point of burning out. Maintenance inspects the fan and the motor, lubricating moving parts to help the motor continue to work without extra stress that may cause it to fail.

The best way to have professional furnace inspections and tune-ups each year is to enroll in our maintenance program.

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