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Bad Heating System Tips—Be Warned!


We have so much information at our fingertips today that it’s almost impossible to imagine what life was like before the widespread use of the internet. But the internet has also increased the speed and accessibility of poor information and many outright myths. This is something that we in the HVAC industry have to deal with: consumers who have picked up misconceptions and bad tips that have spread far and wide. 

Below are some of the most common pieces of bad advice about heaters that homeowners run across. There is plenty of accurate information out there—you’re reading such a source right now. But whenever you’re in doubt about something like heating repair in Lake Balboa, CA, you’ll get the best advice when you call our experts.

#1. Save money on filters and keep the same one in all season

Far too many people make this mistake! Filters aren’t expensive: you can get packs of simple filters for $10. The consequences of keeping a filter in place for more than three months, however, can get extremely expensive. Your heating system won’t be able to “breathe” properly, leading to higher costs to run the system, a reduction in comfort, and the potential to damage to the heater. Change the filter every one to three months.

#2. You can save money by closing room vents

No, you can’t. Closing the vent to a room (or purposely blocking it) will not make your heating system work less. It will still produce the same amount of heated air, but because of closed vents it will raise the pressure within the ventilation system. This will damage ducts and throw the heating system off balance since it isn’t able to vent out as much air as it takes in. If you want to control which rooms receive heating, you’ll need a zone control system installed.

#3. Purchase the most powerful heating system you can afford

A heating system needs to be accurately sized for the space it’s supposed to heat. A system that is more powerful than necessary will cause the heater to begin to short-cycle, shutting on and off rapidly. This wastes power and wears down the unit. Always work with experienced professionals for an installation, since professionals will not make the mistake of going for an oversized heating system.

#4. Turn the heater off completely when you go on a trip

This makes sense when you hear it: why waste heating power when you’re not home for so long? But it takes more power to heat up your house when you get back than it would if you keep the heater on but at a lower temperature (such as 55°F). 

#5. You don’t need maintenance every year

Please don’t skip annual maintenance for your heating system! We understand the temptation to skip a year here and there, but when a heater misses its fall maintenance it will start to deteriorate faster. The heater will experience more repair problems, last for fewer years, and cost more to run. Maintenance also helps keep a heating system running safely, and there’s no price you can put on that.

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