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A Few Reminders Regarding Furnace Safety


The fall weather has arrived in Southern California, and it’s even brought along some welcome rain. This might be the first time you’ve turned on your home’s furnace since the beginning of the year to keep your family warm. It’s therefore a good time to go over some reminders about furnace safety so you can enjoy a worry-free winter.

Gas furnaces are, in general, safe to have in your home

This first safety reminder is a positive one: gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous appliances that create safety risks for a home. We don’t wish to discourage people from using one because as long as you follow basic precautions, a gas furnace is one of the best and most reliable ways to heat your home.

Annual professional maintenance is necessary to keep a furnace safe

This is the most important reminder: when you stay current with furnace maintenance each fall, you’ll reduce the chance of your furnace becoming dangerous to almost nothing. During maintenance, our technicians will closely examine the furnace to find any potential problems that can lead to hazards, and we’ll also clean and adjust the unit to keep it working safely throughout the season ahead. 

Do not store items too near to the furnace

To avoid additional combustion dangers, keep the area around the furnace cleared for at least three feet, and don’t place any highly flammable items, like paint thinners or fuel, anywhere near the furnace. Many furnaces in Southern California are located in garages, which are popular storage places, so keep a watch that you aren’t storing items right by your furnace. 

Don’t forget the CO detectors

You must have carbon monoxide detectors in your house if you use natural gas in any fashion. These detectors provide an early warning of harmful CO levels before they can affect people’s health. You’ll have time to vacate the house and call the gas company. Test the detectors every six months to make sure they are operating. You may need to occasionally change their batteries or even have units replaced. 

Electric furnaces are not completely safe

People who don’t want to use natural gas in their homes or who do not have access to a gas line will often opt for an electric furnace for their home heating. Electric furnaces have fewer safety concerns to watch for than gas furnaces, but this doesn’t mean they are 100% free of safety issues! Like any powerful electric appliance, an electric furnace may become a fire hazard due to problems with wiring and voltage overloads. If you have an electric furnace, make sure it has the same level of regular maintenance as a gas furnace. 

Never attempt DIY furnace fixes

If your furnace begins to act strange or stops providing heat, go through a few basic troubleshooting steps first—and then call our technicians for furnace service in Northridge, CA. Don’t try to repair the furnace yourself, as this is one of the quickest ways to make it dangerous. Our HVAC experts will see that any repairs your furnace needs are done correctly and safely. 

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