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5 Important Facts About Heating Repair You May Not Know

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You can find lists of interesting information about home heating all around the internet, mostly fun facts about the history of the development of central heating. 

This isn’t one of those lists. These aren’t necessarily “fun” facts (although we hope you enjoy reading them), but they are important facts that can help you know more about your heater and why professional heating repair in Burbank, CA is often essential. We think this is useful information that can make central heating easier for you. 

Okay, let’s dig in…

#1. Broken gas furnaces can be hazardous

We put this first because safety always comes first with us. Gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous ways to heat a home, but there’s always a potential for carbon monoxide leaks. One of the best ways to prevent these is to always have your furnace promptly repaired when it isn’t working. Not all furnace malfunctions can lead to CO leaks, but you don’t want to take chances. Please don’t run your furnace if you think something is wrong with it.

#2. Few heating repairs can be done without professional training and tools

We discourage DIY and amateur heating repair, and it’s not because we’ll miss out on a job. Gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and heat pumps aren’t devices that non-professionals can repair past basic troubleshooting. Repairs not only require training, but also special equipment that’s not readily available outside of the HVAC industry. Amateur heating repairs can make the situation worse and may also cause the heater to become unsafe.

#3. Half of doing a repair is the diagnosis

This is one of the reasons we discourage people from trying to repair their heating systems themselves: it’s difficult to determine why a heater is malfunctioning. For any heating problem you might encounter (such as a short-cycling heat pump), there are several potential causes. A large part of the repair job for an HVAC technician is diagnosing what has caused the problem. Often, the repair itself is a quick, small job once the trouble is located. 

#4. Thermostats are responsible for many heating repairs

Yes, the little ol’ thermostat is a frequent culprit for why a heater won’t work correctly. This is actually good news, since repairing or replacing a thermostat is a less extensive job than most repairs on the heating system itself. Problems with thermostats can range from miscalibrations to a loss of connection with the heating system.

#5. Repairs cannot keep a heater working indefinitely

Repairs can get a heating system back to work, but no heater can be made to work forever with repairs. Homeowners may believe that opting for repairs for an older system to keep it going rather than paying for a replacement is a more budget-friendly choice, but it’s not. The wear and tear on a heater will wear it down to the point that it consumes too much energy and the repairs become increasingly costly. Our technicians will help you know when it’s time to stop repairs on a heater and invest in a new system. 

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