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Why We Often Recommend Heat Pumps for Local Heating Needs


Cool weather does arrive in Southern California during the fall and winter, even if it’s never a deep freeze and warm weather can return at any time. Our climate makes it necessary for our homes to have central heating, especially larger homes with high ceilings where heat will rapidly rise and leave the living area cold. But we don’t need the type of central heaters that homes in Milwaukie or Minneapolis have. Our heaters run for shorter periods and require a special balance of energy efficiency.

This heating challenge makes the heat pump an excellent option for local homes. Many of our customers haven’t considered a heat pump when they’re looking for heater service in Los Angeles, CA, and we are glad to tell them about the great benefits of installing one. We want more people to know about heat pumps because they’re not only excellent matches for Southern California homes, they can help significantly with energy savings.

The Great Secret of the Heat Pump

If you don’t know what a heat pump is, here is a short explanation: A heat pump is a type of refrigeration system similar to an air conditioner, but unlike an air conditioner, it can switch the direction it operates so that it can function as either a cooling system or a heating system. 

An air conditioner lowers the temperature in a space by moving heat out of the air in that space and releasing it outdoors. It does this using the circulation of refrigerant between two sets of coils. A heat pump works the same way, except it contains a component called a reversing valve that can change the direction that the refrigerant rotates through the two sets of coils. Depending on the direction of refrigerant rotation, the heat pump will either move heat from indoors to outdoors or move heat from outdoors to indoors. It’s an elegant solution to deliver year-round comfort using a single system.

The Big Heat Pump Benefit

Heat pumps aren’t suited to all climates. Because heat pumps must draw the heat they use to warm houses from outdoors, they lose energy efficiency during extreme cold. There is always some heat energy outside, no matter how cold the weather is, but a heat pump will struggle and lose energy efficiency when the temperature goes below freezing. Obviously, this is not a problem in Southern California. A heat pump can work at its maximum efficiency throughout our winter seasons.

In fact, the efficiency of a heat pump in heating mode is one of their biggest advantages. In heating mode, a heat pump has superior efficiency compared to other types of heaters. Switching from an electric furnace to a heat pump can save a home several hundred dollars a year. An electric furnace must consume electricity to directly heat the air, while a heat pump only consumes electricity to move heat from one place to the other.

If you are currently considering making an upgrade to your HVAC system, replacing both your furnace and air conditioner, we urge you to look into a heat pump. Our team is glad to help you find the best possible new system for your home when it comes to comfort, convenience, and savings.

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