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Spring Is a Good Time to Think About Heat Pumps


How would you sum up the winter we just went through in SoCal? Probably: “Rain. Lots and lots of rain.” Great news for alleviating drought conditions, but not so great for driving, outdoor activities, and staying warm.

That’s all going to come to an end soon. Southern California springs are often as warm as summer in other parts of the country. Spring is the best time to start thinking about your home comfort needs. In particular, we want anyone reading this post (yes, we’re talking to you) to think about heat pumps, those wonderful two-in-one refrigerant systems that operate as both cooling and heating systems.

There are two ways we want you to think about heat pumps…

First: Getting a Heat Pump!

If you’re considering getting a heat pump, it’s probably because you’re looking to have your comfort needs taken care of around the year with the bonus of heating that’s more reliable and cost-effective. 

We think that heat pumps are an excellent investment for homeowners in California. They can be a bit riskier in colder climates because heat pumps need to draw the heat they use for winter from outside, and that requires extra energy when the outside is extremely cold. But since temperatures below freezing in Los Angeles happen about as often as the return of Haley’s Comet, heat pumps in our climate have an easy time delivering warmth in homes at high energy efficiency—much higher than using electric furnaces, the other option for heating in an all-electric home.

Another benefit of a heat pump installation in Burbank, CA or elsewhere in SoCal is that it allows a home to avoid using gas, which is less beneficial to the environment and potentially hazardous. If you’re concerned about protecting the environment, you can reduce your carbon footprint with a heat pump. This is one of the reasons the EPA is encouraging homeowners across the country to look into heat pumps for year-round comfort. 

Second: Maintaining a Heat Pump!

Maybe you already know all of this because you have a heat pump, and it’s just finished another productive winter season ensuring you have comfort and lower electric bills. That’s terrific. Now it’s time to have it professionally maintained.

Wait, didn’t you already have it maintained in the fall? That’s great—it’s exactly what you should do. But maintenance for heat pumps isn’t only for once a year. Keep in mind that heat pumps work as both heating and cooling systems, doing the two jobs once done by a furnace and an air conditioner. 

When it comes to maintenance, treat your heat pump as if it were two separate systems. You had the heating part cared for with maintenance in the fall; now take care of the cooling part in spring. You’ll head into the summer with a heat pump that’s fresh, tuned-up, and free from brewing malfunctions so it can handle any amount of heat the coming season hurls at it.

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