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Some Typical Heat Pump Troubles That Call for Repair Work

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We’re having an unusually cold early winter in Southern California, with mornings and evenings that can dip into the 40s and hover in the 50s. Yes, we can hear people in Minnesota and New York laughing at our definition of “cold,” but it’s still cold enough to make it necessary to switch heat pumps into their heating mode. This is one of the great reasons to have a heat pump—it mostly does the job of an AC, but when you need heat for the mild winters, the heat pump has you covered with relatively inexpensive warmth. It’s much cheaper and more effective (not to mention safer) to run a heat pump than to use a space heater.

But if you’re reading this, it’s because your heat pump isn’t working right and you think you need heater repair in West Hollywood, CA. There are a few simple checks you can make before calling our technicians, such as examining the thermostat settings and changing a clogged HVAC filter. But the problems below usually require the help of trained techs like ours.

Cycling problems

A heat pump should run in heating cycles of around 15 minutes or so. If its cycles are less than 10 minutes or the heat pump just isn’t shutting off, there’s something wrong. It might be a clogged filter, but if it isn’t, there’s a wide range of different possibilities: a broken anticipator in the thermostat, leaking refrigerant, or system age. A technician can diagnose the trouble and fix it.

Insufficient heat

If the heat coming from the vents isn’t delivering the level of heat you normally expect, it may be from dirty coils, either indoors or outdoors. Don’t blast a hose into the outdoor coil to try to “clean” it, since this may end up bending it. The heat pump may also have a blocked valve or be losing refrigerant.

Cold air only

Rather than insufficient heat, you have a heat pump doing the opposite of what you want—it’s cooling down the house. This could be an error with the thermostat losing its signal to the reversing valve, which is the part that changes the flow of refrigerant and switches the heat pump between mode. The problem might also be a stuck reversing valve, which will require a professional to replace the valve.

Complete loss of heat

I.e. the heat pump just isn’t working. We recommend checking the electrical panel first to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped. If this isn’t the source of the heat pump failing to come on, you likely have an electrical problem in the heat pump. Call for a service technician to see what’s gone wrong.

Weird noises

A heat pump that seems to be working fine but is making odd sounds (rattling, groaning, shrieking) needs to have professional attention. Turn the heat pump off to avoid any further damage to the system; many of these noises are from motors wearing down.

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