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Heat Pumps and Southern California Weather: A Great Match

As each new year begins, we like to focus on helping our customers make big changes to their home’s HVAC and electrical systems. With the holiday bustle over and plans for the year ahead being put into motion, now is an excellent time to make those household upgrades.

If you have a subpar, older HVAC system, we have a recommendation: install a heat pump!

Okay, don’t run out right now and buy one—you do want to consult with professionals about this. For your new HVAC installation in Studio City, CA, you can work with our experts to find the best new system.

Why a Heat Pump Is a Good Option

We suggest customers look into heat pumps for their HVAC systems because they work well in the Southern California climate. A heat pump is similar to an air conditioning system (in fact, an air conditioner is technically a type of heat pump). Like an air conditioner, it uses the circulation of refrigerant by compressor to pump heat from one place to another. An AC pumps heat from inside a house to the outside, cooling down the house. The difference with a heat pump is that it can also work the other direction and pump heat into the house. Installing a heat pump takes care of your home’s heating and air conditioning needs with a single unit.

Heat pumps work well with our weather because they’re powerful air conditioners and energy-efficient heaters. Because heat pumps must absorb heat from outside in order to provide heat comfort for a home in cold weather, they can encounter trouble during extremely low temperatures and start to lose efficiency. For colder climates, heat pumps often must be paired with a back-up furnace to assist when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing.

Obviously, temperatures that cold aren’t a problem where we live! A heat pump will always have a sufficient supply of outdoor heat to move indoors. And compared to an electric furnace, a heat pump is much less expensive to run. An electric furnace consumes large amounts of electricity to generate heat from its heating elements, but a heat pump only consumes energy to move heat from one place to another—and that requires much less power.

Are There Times When a Heat Pump Isn’t a Good Option?

Yes. Not every home or every situation is right for a heat pump. If you use a natural gas-powered furnace for your home heat, it’s probably better to stick with using the furnace and an air conditioner. Buying a heat pump just to work in cooling mode is not cost-effective; it is less expensive to simply buy an air conditioner if you aren’t planning to replace your current heating system along with the AC.

If you have concerns about whether a heat pump will provide the right comfort for your house, simply arrange for an assessment with our team. We can provide you with an estimate and the information necessary for you to make the best possible choice—and then we’ll have that choice installed right.

Schedule a new HVAC installation with Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. We’ve served Los Angeles, Van Nuys, and the San Fernando Valley since 1990.

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