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What NOT to Feed Your Dog at Thanksgiving

We’re going to step out of our usual advice about heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and electrical services and instead focus on some good holiday safety tips. Thanksgiving is coming up shortly, a time of feasting and family. But it’s also a time when people need to take special caution with their pets. Dogs in particular have a great craving for much of the food served during Thanksgiving dinner and the various other treat items that surround it. But not all of this food is healthy for a canine digestive system, which is different from the human digestive system.

Below is a list of a few food items that you shouldn’t feed your dog during this Thanksgiving:

  • Turkey skin: The white part of the meat is edible for dogs—and they do love it! But the skin isn’t good for them because of the various seasonings and spices that seep into it while the turkey bastes. These spices can be toxic for canines.
  • Turkey bones: No, this is not the time to throw the dog a bone! Cooked bones can cause vomiting for dogs. More dangerous are splinters of bone that can harm their intestines.
  • Cranberry sauce: The cranberries themselves aren’t the problem for dogs. It’s the sugar in the sauce. You may have heard that chocolate is bad for dogs, and the reason is the sugar. Cranberry sauce is loaded with sugar, so keep your dog away from it.
  • Mashed potatoes: If your dog is lactose-intolerant, and many are, then the milk and butter in mashed potatoes is going to be hard on its stomach. There are the seasonings to worry about as well.
  • Bread dough: This applies to people and Uncooked bread dough can carry salmonella, and you know that’s not good!
  • Stuffing and gravy: You can probably guess at this point why this isn’t right for dogs. Yep, it’s the seasonings once again. This isn’t good for cats either, but they probably won’t want to eat it in the first place.

We hope you have a great and healthy Thanksgiving! If you need any HVAC services, just give us a call!

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