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Your Ceiling Fan Can Also Help in Cool Weather


Ceiling fans are common parts of many homes in Southern California, and for good reason. A ceiling fan during the summer helps immensely with the heat, and at a much lower cost in electricity than running an air conditioner. Homes still need to have an effective central cooling system for the intense summer days, but a ceiling fan helps people feel cooler so the AC won’t need to run as much. On average, ceiling fans make it feel as if the temperature in the room is up to 10°F cooler than it is. 

But here’s a little secret: those same ceiling fans in your house that you use throughout the summer—they can also help in cooler winter weather. Many homeowners don’t know this, but it’s a simple trick.

Reverse the Blades!

The trick is as simple as making the fan blades on a ceiling fan rotate in the opposite direction. For most ceiling fans, all that’s necessary to make the change is to toggle a switch on the fan base. This changes the fan’s normal direction of blade rotation, counterclockwise, to clockwise.

Why Does This Make a Difference?

First, it helps to understand why the normal spinning direction improves hot conditions. Fans don’t change the temperature in a room, but rather make it easier for the people in the room to release heat from their bodies. This is wind-chill factor at work: the movement of air across skin removes the heat envelope from the body, and this allows the body to release internal heat faster and cool off.

When the fan blades reverse, the fan no longer creates a current of air that moves easily around the room. Instead, it pushes down air from the top of the room. What this does is better distribute heat through the space. Heat rises and gathers at the ceiling of a room until there’s enough heat to float down to reach people. With a ceiling fan running in reverse, the heat at the top of the room is moved down faster. A forced-air heating system like a furnace won’t need to run as long to provide an even spread of heat when the fan is helping out to get that hot air down to the people who need it.

But I Don’t Have Ceiling Fans!

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on appliances that are so beneficial for Southern California homes all around the year. If your house isn’t equipped with ceiling fans, you only need to have an expert Burbank, CA electrician from Kilowatt equip you with them. 

You need professionals to handle ceiling fan installation, since these fans must be hardwired into the electrical system through the ceiling and carefully secured. A poorly installed ceiling fan is a major problem because it will start to come loose due to its movements, which will damage the ceiling and may end up causing the fan to fall—which can cause some serious damage to anybody who is under it! Make an appointment with us and we’ll see you have great, attractive ceiling fans with professional quality installation.

Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service! Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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