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Why We Recommend Upgrading to LED Lights


Are you thinking about making some big lighting changes to your house? Changing old and tired lighting decor can enliven your home, but it’s also an opportunity to do much more: upgrade from old incandescent lights to LED lights.

LED stands for light-emitting diode, and these lights work using semiconductors rather than running electricity through a filament. This isn’t new technology: the first LED lights were developed in the early 1960s. For many years their primary use was commercial. Gradually through the ‘80s and ‘90s, they emerged as a replacement option for standard lightbulbs. Today, you can purchase LED lights from your local grocery store.

If you want a full upgrade for your house to LED lights, you’ll need the assistance of a skilled professional Burbank, CA electrician. We recommend you give this upgrade serious thought, and below are the best reasons:

1. High Energy Efficiency

This is the top reason people consider LED lights as replacements: they consume less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs while producing the same luminescence. The reason for this is that LED lights do not lose large amounts of energy to heat the way incandescent bulbs do. If you do a full LED replacement of all the lights in your home, you might see a 70% improvement in overall energy efficiency.

2. Long Life

Not only do you get superior energy efficiency from a LED light, you have much longer to enjoy it. The average incandescent bulb may last for a thousand hours, which could mean a 1 to 3-year lifespan. An LED bulb can last for 50,000 hours! That means a bulb that might last 6 to 12 years. So even though LED lights cost more to buy, you would need to purchase 3 or 4 incandescent bulbs to match the light of one LED bulb. 

3. Eco-Friendly

The long lifespan of LED lights means far fewer bulbs are going into landfills—that’s already a good start on treating the environment better. LED lights also contain no mercury, which is found in many other types of lights, keeping another harmful product out of the environment.

4. Low Heat Generation

This is an important benefit for Southern Californians. We don’t want to add extra heat to our homes during the long seasons of warm weather. An LED light emits almost no heat, unlike an incandescent bulb that loses 90% of its energy to heat (something you’ll know if you’ve ever touched a lighted bulb). Your house won’t unnecessarily heat up when the lights are on.

5. They May Help With Depression

We’re placing this benefit at the end because the research isn’t fully in on this yet. But it appears that LED lights may help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder due to less outdoor light during the fall and winter. The possible reason for this is that LED bulbs emit more light in the visible spectrum. You just may find you have a cheerier house when you convert to all LED!

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