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Why Installing Attic Fans Is a Good Idea for Summer

Benefits of an attic fanThe attic in your home is a place that you probably visit only rarely, usually to retrieve something stored in it. If you have ever gone up inside your attic on a warm, sunny day, you’ll discover that it is one of the hottest locations inside the house. The radiant energy from the sun beating down on the roof creates immense amounts of heat inside the enclosed area. In fact, it’s possible for the temperature in an attic to rise to 130°F during a summer day.

The intense heat inside an attic can be a problem for the rest of the house because it serves as a heat sink. When the temperature in the attic is above 120°F, the heat will seep down into the lower parts of the house, raising the temperature by 10°F or more. This means the difference in whether the air conditioning comes on or stays off.

The power of attic fans

Insulation inside the attic is an important part of keeping the heat from escaping down into the home. But attic fans are also an enormous help. Electricians can install these fans to vent out the heat from the attic and dramatically lower the temperature. Thanks to attic fans, you will need to run your air conditioner far less and enjoy more pleasant temperatures. Your AC will achieve a longer lifespan, and you will notice a drop in your electrical bills.

There is another important benefit of attic fans: they reduce the moisture build-up inside the attic that can lead to damage to roofing material. Moisture from cooking and bathing inside your home rises into the attic, and it can start to build-up inside the roof the shingles, leading to problems from wood rot and mildew. Attic fans vent out this moisture and keep humidity in the area at safe levels.

It requires skilled electricians to install attic fans. Call on Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical to do the job for your home in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. We also install solar-powered attic fans.

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