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What Can I Do to Make Sure My House Has Electricity in Case of Power Outages?

IMG_0195On the East Coast of the U.S., power outages often occur because of stormy conditions and during periods of the coldest weather. But here in Southern California we aren’t immune to extended power losses, which often strike during the hottest weather, when immense strain is placed on the electrical grid. This can be inconvenient (food spoiling in the refrigerator), incredibly uncomfortable (no AC when the outdoor temperature rises above 90°F), or actually dangerous (loss of powered medical equipment). People want to know what they can do to protect their homes and families from the issues of extended power loss.

A Whole-House Generator

If you’re concerned about power outages, we strongly suggest you look into installing a whole-house generator. Small portable generators are fine for taking on camping trips or for keeping in your car in case of on-the-road emergencies. However, they simply aren’t designed to handle the power load necessary to run essentials in a home if the power goes out.

A whole-house generator is directly wired into your home’s electrical system, which means that instead of plugging items into the generator to get them to operate (as with a portable system) the generators takes the place of the power grid in supplying energy to your house. The generator can run off a number of different fuels: natural gas, liquid propane, and gasoline are the most common options.

What type and size of generator will do the job necessary for your home? That’s something to ask your professional installers. They can help you pick a generator that supplies the wattage your home requires in an emergency (you can decide what appliances and systems are priorities) as well as the ideal energy source. The installers can take it from there: it takes expertise and training to properly wire up the home’s electrical system to the generator so that it everything works the way it’s supposed to when the time comes.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers installation, as well as repair and maintenance, for whole-house generators in Sherman Oaks, CA. Contact our certified service technicians for exceptional customer service!

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