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Signs You Need Electrical Wiring Repairs


Some home repairs you can delay for a while, but electrical wiring repairs are not one of them. When you have a warning of electrical issues with the wiring in the house, call for a licensed electrician to look into the problem and find a solution. Do not attempt to do a DIY inspection or repair: the safety hazards are simply too high, and it will cause your house to violate the local electrical code. Stay safe and have the job done right: call our electricians for the work.

To help you know when it’s time to call for a West Hollywood, CA electrician, we’ve put together a list of a few of the biggest warning signs of wiring problems in your house.

ONE: Breakers are constantly tripping

An occasionally tripped circuit breaker is not usually something to worry about—a temporary surge from a powerful appliance can cause this. But when you’re making regular trips to the garage to reset the breakers, there’s something wrong. It may be with the panel itself, but bad wiring is another common source. Short-circuits in the wires somewhere are causing the surges that trip the breakers.

TWO: Scorching or discolored marks on switches and outlets

If you see discoloration or scorching on an outlet or switch, stop using it immediately. This discoloration means an electrical fire has occurred in the switch or outlet because of bad wiring. Call an electrician to fix the wiring and replace the outlet or switch.

THREE: Acrid odors

A burning smell in a house, when there is nothing cooking or in the microwave, is sending a flaring warning sign of an electrical fire. This is alarming, but you can help keep safe by immediately shutting off power to the house at the electrical panel. Once you’ve done this, call us right away and don’t try to use any electrical appliances in the house.

FOUR: Flickering lights

This can be a spooky occurrence at night—an unexpected Halloween atmosphere. But this isn’t an atmosphere you want happening. Dimming and flickering lights indicate trouble with a circuit leading to power fluctuations. 

FIVE: Electrical shocks from switches

You touch a switch and get an electrical shock. It might be static electricity, but if it is happening all the time with the switch, it means there are wiring problems. The switch may need to be replaced and the wiring fixed. 

Call Our Electricians!

If you are alarmed by any of these signs, we recommend shutting off the electrical power before you call us. Our licensed electricians are ready to help solve any electrical problems you have. 

We’re older home specialists and can diagnose trouble with older wiring systems and offer the best upgrades. For vintage homes, we’ll often recommend extensive rewiring that will bring the house up to current electrical standards. We’ll not only replace outdated wiring (such as aluminum wires) but install a new electrical panel to handle the increased electrical loads. 

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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